HDP's Gülüm: In a country without rule of law, resisting is a right

HDP Deputy Züleyha Gülüm stated that it is not possible to discuss the AKP political coup on a legal basis and stressed that when there is no law in a country, it is right to resist.

HDP Istanbul Deputy Züleyha Gülüm talked to ANF about the appointment of trustees to Amed, Van and Mardin metropolitan municipalities.

Gülüm, who is also a lawyer, stressed that the appointment of trustees represents in fact a political coup and has no legal basis.

In this sense, when faced with a political power which does not recognize the law or the constitution, said Gülüm, it is not strange that the threat issued before the elections ('we will appoint trustees if you win') is actually implemented after the results.

Gülüm pointed out that in fact since immediately after the elections the decision had been taken to appoint trustees, which confirms that this is "a purely political decision."

The AKP-MHP alliance has appointed trustees in the attempt to control the municipalities they lost in the elections. Clearly, said Gülüm, they did so in an illegal way, not recognizing the will of people. 

Gülüm said that the people should protect their will and underlined that this can be done when there is a collective reaction against unlawfulness. 

"Law is of course a ground for seeking rights, - added Gülüm - but if there is no law in the country then it is right to resist."

Gülüm ended her remarks underlining that the opposition front began to show loud reactions, yet "it needs to stand stronger. In this sense, the CHP should alsocome out with more powerful words. This voice must be heard not just in the corridors but also in the streets and in the squares. Because if we cannot protect our rights together, there is no possibility of democracy, freedom or peace coming to this country."