Instructions for murders in Hol Camp given by ISIS emir captured by MIT

ISIS cell members captured in the Hol Camp said that they received orders from Jarrah Abu Omar, who was staying in the camp before and was abducted to Girê Spi by the Turkish Intelligence Service (MIT).

The four ISIS members captured by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) during the latest operations in the Hol Camp belong to a cell responsible for most of the ISIS attacks in the camp. Their capture thus enabled the prevention of further attacks.

The emir (ringleader) of the cell consisting of 4 people is Mersul Sami Muhammed Necim, known as 'Abu Walid'. Abu Walid's brother Selam Sami Muhammed, as well as Husam Tala Feryad and Marwan Khaled Duleymi are the other members of the cell. All of them merged into the refugees during the operations against ISIS in Deir ez-Zor and come to the Hol Camp. In their initial interrogations, they revealed that they had carried out three attacks in the camp.


Mersul Sami Muhammed Necim is from the Anbar region of Iraq. He is known as Abu Walid within ISIS. He is one of the ISIS emirs in the Hol Camp. He has a shop in the bazaar in the camp. He is the emir of the cell that carried out the most assassinations in the camp. Abu Walid said that he received the attack instructions from Jarrah Abu Omar, who reportedly stays in Turkish-occupied Girê Spi now: “Abu Omar called me from a different number each time and instructed me for ‘a mission’. He would talk to us and tell where the target was. I used to get in touch for arms supply by phone, after which a woman named Umm Omar would bring the guns to the market. After the action, I would call her and returned the arms. Everyone did their job. Killing is not just one person's duty. Mostly my brother Abu Hasan was executing the killing.”


Selam Sami Mohammed is from the Anbar region of Iraq. He is known as Abu Hasan within ISIS. He is the brother of ISIS emir Abu Walid. Abu Hasan confessed that “My brother Mersul asked me to work for ISIS. So, I joined ISIS. The emir of our cell is my brother Mersul. We get the instructions from Jarrah Abu Omar. We organized three assassinations. Abu Ibrahim would come with me. Abu Cuneyt was in charge of reconnaissance and pursuit. A woman from the market brought the guns. After each action, we gave the gun back to the same woman. While we killed our target in two of the actions we organized, we couldn't kill the target in the other action. I was killing the target. I was killing them all. Jarrah Abu Omar selected me to kill the targets.”


Husam Tala Feryad is from Fallujah region of Iraq. He is known as Abu Ibrahim within ISIS. He sells medicine supplies in the camp. During his interrogation, Abu Ibrahim stated the following, “I joined Abu Walid's cell through Abu Cuneyt. Abu Walid gave me a bag containing a bomb and such like. He asked me to give it to another ISIS emir in the camp. I was sitting in a cafe in the bazaar and gathering information. I was sharing the information I gathered with the cell afterwards.”


Marwan Khaled Dulaymi is also from the Anbar region of Iraq. He is known as Abu Cuneyt within ISIS. Abu Cuneyt told that he joined ISIS in the camp: “I joined this cell through Abu Walid. I got to know Abu Walid through Abu Omar. We talked on the phone. Our cell consisted of 4 people. Our emir was Abu Walid. We were receiving the instruction from him. We were getting together in the bazaar for our meetings. The place was out of sight. I participated in three attacks. We were receiving the instructions from Abu Omar. I was in charge of reconnaissance and pursuit. We were using guns, knives and bombs. Mersul brought them to us before the attack. He would get them back after the action and give them to a woman. But I don't know who the woman is.”