KCK's Hozat: War is the most terrible invention of the male mind

KCK Executive Council Co-Chair Bêsê Hozat: The AKP is the mentality against democracy and freedom at its best.

Speaking to the monthly Newaya Jin newspaper, KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) Executive Council Co-Chair Bêsê Hozat said that the Turkish state and the governing elite have a "fascist genocide mentality and understanding. It is monist and racist. It is hostile to differences, different ethnic, religious and cultural communities. It is against democracy and freedom. For the last seventeen years, the AKP has been representing this understanding at the highest level."

Here some excerpts from the interview:

September 1st is celebrated as World Peace Day. The war between the Kurdish Freedom Movement and the Turkish state has been going on for half a century. War between the parties in many geographies of the world have evolved into negotiation and peace processes. What are the factors preventing the end of the war between the Kurdish Freedom Movement and the Turkish state?

The Kurdish problem is quite different from the problems in other regions of the world. It is an international problem. It has a regional and international dimension. T

he Turkish state was established in the region as an outpost of Western imperialism. The Kurds were sacrificed to this plan. The Turkish state, founded after the 1923 Treaty of Lausanne and Kurdish denial and destruction, is the main cause of this problem. Thus, for the Turkish state is difficult to enter the path of a solution to this problem. There is a need for a deep-rooted mentality and policy change.

The Turkish state is a genocide state. The history is full of genocides and massacres. For centuries, the Kurds have been subjected of a cultural genocide and massacres.

The Turkish state has a perverted mentality as it somehow thinks that it will prosper and grow through the absence of Kurds. It actually sees the existence, right and law of the Kurds as a threat to it. 

The Kurdish question cannot be solved on a peaceful basis until this mentality has been overcome and a democratic and political understanding has been developed. In this respect, the struggle for democracy against the fascist genocide mentality and politics is very important. Developing this struggle in a very organized way and through a united revolutionary democratic movement will actually attack the vital basis of the genocidal fascism.

After a long time of isolation, Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan met with his lawyers in May, and he once again emphasized the need for social reconciliation, democratic negotiation and honorable peace. Who are the interlocutors of Mr. Öcalan?

One of the main interlocutors of our leadership's call for honorable peace, social reconciliation and democratic politics / negotiation is the rational state mind.

What is the rational state mind? The rational state mind means an inner mind that does not approach the Kurdish question with anger and hatred. It is the rational mind and wisdom brought by centuries of experience, and which truly considers the interests of the state and the people.

Who wants a democratic, developed and progressive Turkey will approach the Kurdish question with wisdom and calm. 

Another fundamental interlocutor of this call is undoubtedly the forces of democracy, democratic public opinion, democratic opposition and politics. It is perhaps the main interlocutor of this call. The interlocutor is the people, the organized struggle of the people and society. A strong social struggle and politics will bring this call to life.

If an organized, total democratic struggle develops, the call of our leadership will have the chance to live. Not a single leaf will move without struggle and resistance. No one should deceive himself. Everything is won by fighting.

Based on historical and current processes in the conditions of war and fascism, women are the biggest victims. Likewise the biggest resistance against war and fascism is carried out by women. What kind of initiative should women, who are victims of war but at the same time the pioneer of resistance, carry out in this phase?

Wars are the dominant male invention. The ruling man has fortified and maintained his power with wars. The state is the embodiment of male-dominated power. War is the food that keeps that body alive. While this food is the main source of life for the dominant male, it is a deadly poison for women, society and nature.

War is an anti-woman invention, an enemy of women. War is the most disgusting and scariest invention of the male mind. Since the establishment of the sovereign male power and state, there has been war. As you said yes, parallel to this fact, there has always been an honorable struggle for survival against the war. Women have been the leaders of this resistance. Human values ​​have been carried to these days thanks to the resistance of women. Today, women continue the strongest struggle against war.

Women's organization and self-defense are still weak. Women's organized struggle and self-defense power are very important. We see how vital it is in Kurdish women's struggle for freedom. The Rojava revolution is a women's revolution, thanks to the struggle of her women.