KCK's Ok: The winners will be the Kurds - Part 2

"Our decision to resist is at the highest level. If the world collapsed, whatever the prize, the Kurdish people would chose to live with dignity."

KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) Executive Council Member Sabri Ok evaluated the Turkish state's invasion of Northern and Eastern Syria during the program Rojeva Welat on Stêrk TV on Tuesday evening.

Sabri Ok's remarks were as follows:

"Now, what is remarkable and important is who receives Erdoğan's support and consent and who gives it. Let me make this clear. When Kurdish women defended human dignity against ISIS when their children shielded their bodies against ISIS, some of them then turned YPG-YPJ flags into publicity material. 

They should know that those who struggle for honor against ISIS are now being bombed by the Turkish state and mercenaries with all kinds of tanks, artillery and airplanes. 

Doesn't everyone need to stand up, put pressure on their own states and shout loud for the common struggle against fascism? The whole world united against Hitler and was able to just defeat it. Erdoğan is the fascist of this century. There is nobody like him. There is nobody like him in the history of the Turkish state. Many parties and rulers came and passed in the history of the Turkish state. But Erdoğan is an example in himself. There is no such person in the history of the Turkish state. Erdoğan is a fascist and dictator, pure and simple. He used NATO membership in a very outrageous and immoral way. So how much is NATO involved in this? And the US? This needs to be clarified and understood. Some things are getting clearer and clearer every passing day.


The reason for the attacks carried out by the Turkish state and Erdoğan is quite clear. The Turkish state has been able to tolerate the existence of southern Kurdistan to some extent as an evil due to the existence of the PKK. However, if Rojava loses today, then the status of Southern Kurdistan will disappear. His attitude towards South Kurdistan became clear during the referendum process. The same mentality, the same dictator. If Rojava loses, he won't stop. From Derik, it will head towards south Kurdistan. Erdoğan aims at liquidating the will of all Kurds during his rule.


Is Erdoğan doing this because he is so strong and determined? No, he is not. We state that Erdoğan is carrying out these attacks on his death bed. In the coming period, we will see how these attacks will turn against them. He cannot maintain his power while maintaining these questions. Politically he has already chocked. He has nothing to say to the Turkish society. He was just using the terror argument. Therefore the bill will be very high. The world public opinion will not accept what has been done, the Kurds will not accept it, Turkey will not accept it. Erdoğan's life may not end in weeks, but it will end in months. 

Erdoğan cannot do anything in Syria despite the US and Russia. What is the peoples of Turkey gaining from this attack? This is the question. They didn't win anything. On the contrary, the society is in danger, economy and politics are in danger. Erdoğan cannot handle all this. As such, he cannot play a role in Syria against Russia and the US. Erdoğan has basically lost.

Now some describe the attacks as a trap for the Turkish state. These must be taken into account. No one will offer all opportunities to Erdoğan and neither will they tell him, come and have a say in the future of Syria.


In the last few days of these ongoing war, women and children have been slaughtered. Hypocrites and barbarians were exposed. They attacked whoever they got by. The massacre in Serekaniye is an example of this. Women, children, journalists were targeted. This was done in front of the world’s eyes. Erdoğan will insist on this. He will try to get results. We must also be determined to resist this. Our greatest strength in this war is that we are assertive, determined, right and rooted on the people. The other important issue is the conscience of humanity. The people of the world are with us. For this reason, the Kurdish people will resist until the end. Whatever the outcome, the winner will be human dignity and the Kurdish people.

It is wrong to expect ethic and measure from global powers. They act solely according to their own interests. The US and the International coalition only entered into an alliance because they had an interest in defeating ISIS. The alliance with them was in fact a necessity. It wasn't a choice. How ISIS came about, how it organized, who created this, how the Kurds, especially the Yazidis and the whole of humanity were hit by them, is another issue that needs to be questioned.


A war against ISIS was waged and a positive result was achieved. As a result of the joint struggle, Kurdish, Arab and Christian peoples gave 11 thousand martyrs. Tens of thousands of people were injured. I'm sure the SDF, YPG, YPJ do not regret having to fight this war. Because they defended human dignity with this war. But it was the United States who did not keep their word. They said that their alliance was against ISIS, and that is true. However, a safe zone could at least be created. But suddenly they stepped back. Yet, should the Coalition and the US have stood against Erdoğan, he would not have been able to carry out these attacks. However, they made it clear that they would not oppose Erdoğan’s attacks. Nevertheless, they could still close the airspace to the Turkish state. If they do, things would be different. Then, the Turkish army and mercenaries would never fight against the SDF, YPG-YPJ. This is not possible. But they didn't close the airspace. I wonder if Trump and Putin had plans over Erdoğan, whether one wants to use him against the other, or if the plan is a common one. Surely, it is necessary to understand the situation in the following days.


The US and the Coalition played a very bad and destructive role, which the Autonomous Administration is well aware of. McGurk and some soldiers, retired generals, intellectuals, academics objected to the actions. They saw the truth and honesty of the Kurdish people. The Kurdish people did what they had said they would do. Taking these into consideration, the US could determine its position. However, the United States did not do this, because of unethical and biased policies. Now they're talking about economic sanctions. We don't know what they will do. Maybe they really tried to prevent a war, but they failed. Russia's attitude is also important. If Russia and Syria wanted to solve the problems that would have been easier. There was a possibility. But they did not accept it. It seems that this attack was decided at the summit held in Ankara within the framework of Astana. The US and the Coalition were informed of this too.

The attacks are obviously based on the Adana agreement. In this way, they are trying to justify their attacks. The Adana agreement was basically against the will of the Kurdish people, but these attacks far exceeded the scope of this agreement. Putin and Russia paved the way for this. The Turkish state took its greatest strength from here.


It is unclear how long the agreement between the Autonomous Administration and the regime would last. However, it seems that the regime and the Autonomous Administration have agreed on some issues. But to me, it's too late. The Autonomous Administration constantly worked for this to happened. But the regime and Russia did not want this. Some meetings were held in Damascus and Moscow. The Autonomous Administration has consistently declared that it has no intention of breaking up Syria. It said that it wanted to be recognized as an autonomous structure within a united Syria. However, the Syrian regime did not accept it, could not find the strength in itself to accept it, it could not accept it in its mind. Russia could have played the role of mediator, but they always stayed mid way. Either the were looking at their interests with Turkey or they had their doubts with the coalition thinking it would establish a state for the Kurds. However, if the coalition or another power wanted to establish a state for the Kurds, the Kurds would not have accepted such a thing because there was no such request in the first place. The Autonomous Administration has never said that it has broken with Damascus altogether, nor has it said that regime soldiers should not protect the borders. It constantly defended the integrity of Syria thus relieving the burden from Damascus. 

Indeed, Damascus did not move a finger and the Autonomous Administration liberated all these regions. Damascus survived this way. The Autonomous Administration announced today [14 October] that the Damascus regime could bring its troops to the border. This is very natural. There is also a positive remark in Russia's statement. I don't think there's a mistake here. Faced with the attacks of the fascist Turkish state, the Autonomous Administration saw that Syria's territorial integrity should be protected and people should not be forced to migrate. It wanted it. It saw that if the occupying Turkish army and mercenaries settled in Northern Syria, the work of both Damascus and the Kurds would become more difficult. Developments imposed to join forces. The right thing is to implement the agreement.


Damascus must have seen that if Idlib, Jarablus, Afrin, Bab, Manbij and all the Northern and Eastern Syrian territories fall under the control of the Turkish state, there will be nothing left in their hands. They must have seen that Syria and even Russia will have no say in the future of Syria. They saw that if the mercenaries and the occupying Turkish state settled in the Northern Syrian territory, they would not leave the area ever by their nature. They saw this in Idlib with their support given to al-Nusra. They saw that the Turkish state did not fulfill the requirements of the agreements there. 

Just as the Turkish state was the spokesman for al-Nusra in Idlib, it will also be the spokesman for these mercenaries in Northern Syria. I think it is not wrong for Damascus to make such a comment. Russia too saw that their job will be very difficult in such a scenario.  Therefore, if this agreement is implemented, it will be good for all the peoples of Syria and the peoples of Syria will ultimately benefit from it.

Syria and its peoples, Damascus and the Kurdish people can find a solution by themselves. The occupation of the Turkish state and its mercenaries will create difficulties for Damascus. This will create a difficult situation for the Kurds. However, we do not know what will happen, how many interests come into play and whether the given word will be kept. 

If this agreement is implemented, the Turkish state will fall into a big and deep vacuum. If the agreement is not implemented, the only thing left in front of the Kurdish people will be to resist. There is no other way.


Our people are resisting the attacks on the Kurdish people. We pay a big price to do this. But if this is what is needed to defend a free and honorable life, we will do it. 

Our decision to resist is at the highest level. If the world collapsed, whatever the prize, the Kurdish people would chose to live with dignity. 

Whatever the outcome, victory will be of the Kurdish people. Many people speak, the EU makes a statement, stands against the attacks, but this is not a deterrent. Many organisations and sectors made statements. Although these not being a deterrent, they are meaningful and important.

It has been like this not even during the Vietnam war. Perhaps the attitude of the states is not what we would desire but it is meaningful. Nobody supports the Turkish state except Qatar. Even the Cypriot administration opposed it. The Turkish state immediately attacked it and said that they should follow what Ankara say.


The people of North Kurdistan are also angry with Erdoğan and the massacres of the Turkish state. But it does not stand up. Yet, conscience should make it stand up. The HDP wants to lead. But they are faced with the ban even to celebrate its anniversary. Everyone should be determined in their attitude. There must be unity. The CHP is constantly in the position of the AKP. However, in my opinion, not all of the CHP base is like Kılıçdaroğlu. They know that Erdoğan is ISIS. They know Erdoğan is wrong. But the CHP did not stand against this war. The CHP quickly forgot that it were the Kurds that allowed it to win places like Istanbul, Mersin and Adana.

Another important point here is that the world does not think like the CHP. Peoples should react more and influence their own states.


The 8-year experience of the Autonomous Administration has shown that Kurdish, Arab and Christian peoples can live together in a democratic system. This is very important. The Arab League also saw this fact. This attitude is important and valuable. Erdoğan’s sees the Arab states as a State for himself. In this respect, the Arab states should have a clearer attitude and pursue more active politics in the world.

Another point is the attitude of national unity among the Kurds. Everyone should work on it and achieve concrete organization. For the first time, the Kurds saw the need of being united. They saw that the policy of disintegration and governing according to itself was fruitless and this was the main purpose of the Turkish state.


The Turkish state is hostile to Kurds in all parts. The attack against Rojava has revealed this fact. The Turkish state is the enemy of the Kurdish people. Now all Kurds have seen this very well. 

No one should think that they can establish relations with the Republic of Turkey, shape their politics and that this can be permanent. The real politics of the Turkish state is based on the use of Kurdish parties and the various parts of Kurdistan against each other. 

The Kurds should know that if one does not exist, none will exist. 

Nobody should fool themselves. This was evident during the South Kurdistan referendum. Kurds may sometimes not understand each other, they may sometimes criticize each other harshly. However, we must know that we will exist when there is unity. Kurds should come together and act together as soon as possible. Kurdish parties should come together and create a united front.

The Kurdish people is standing up in all parts of Kurdistan and is demanding to their parties to get united. 

The people got united, now is the time for the parties to get united.