KCK releases critical information and documents of MİT

KCK Executive Council Co-presidency has made information and documents about two top Turkish intelligence (MİT) members captured by guerrilla forces.

Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) Executive Council Co-presidency has announced the results of Martyr Sakine Cansız Revolutionary Vengeance Operation in which two top administrators of Turkish State’s National Intelligence Organization (MİT) were captured in August 2017.

According to the statement, the MİT officials captured in this operation had been given a special task by MİT Undersecretary Hakan Fidan whom Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan calls “my secretive”.

KCK stated that they have seized significant information and documents on several MİT officials, members and workers in the operation conducted by HPG’s special units, inflicting a major blow against the Turkish intelligence service.

The statement pointed out that assassination in Paris of PKK founding member Sakine Cansız, Kurdish diplomat Fidan Doğan and youth member Leyla Şaylemez was the first step of the Turkish state’s elimination policy that was initiated in 2011 for the elimination of the Kurdish Freedom Movement.

KCK said the AKP-MHP fascism that is being through its weakest period both inside and outside the country established special units within MİT for the goal of eliminating PKK executives.

“Tayyip Erdoğan got so much stuck in the face of the freedom struggle that he strictly ordered the capture or assassination of PKK executives. Two top officials of MİT were assigned in the formation of a genocidal policy against the Kurdish Freedom Movement, and they were deployed to areas close to Medya Defense Zones to prepare for an operation against PKK executives.”

Providing information about the details of the operation against MİT members, KCK said two top officials of the Turkish intelligence, KCK said the following;

“Units of our movement noticed and surveilled the preparations of the two top MİT members who were captured alive by a special HPG unit in Martyr Sakine Cansız Revolutionary Vengeance Operation just as they were about to launch their attack.

The captured MİT members being heads of department working directly with Hakan Fidan on Tayyip Erdoğan’s instruction against our Freedom Movement manifests the greatness of this operation.

The captured MİT members are Erhan Pekçetin and Aydın Günel’ who conducted significant missions across Turkey and Kurdistan for 20 years, and were later assigned in the MİT headquarters. Erhan Pekçetin is the head of MİT’s most strategic department of domestic ethnic separatist activities, while Aydın Günel is the Human Resources Administrator of MİT inside and outside the country. These two people have direct or indirect information about all the works and operations of MİT as they undertake major responsibilities and have close relations with other departments.”

KCK recalled that two other MİT officials had been captured in Cizre before and continued; “The documents and information provided by two MİT officials that had been captured in Cizre during the process of self-governance resistance, and the recently captured two MİT officials, reveal the AKP’s character and MİT’s conspiracies against the Kurdish people, socialists, opposition circles, intellectuals, writers, Alevis and all different ethnic and religious communities.”

KCK stressed that the Erdoğan-led AKP government had initiated an annihilation politics yet while the İmralı talks continued during the non-conflict period, adding; “The fact that Sabahattin Asal, who joined the İmralı talks alongside Muhammed Dervişoğlu on behalf of the state’s delegation is the planner of the Paris killings of 9 January 2013, proves the conspirative character of the AKP government and MİT.

The documents captured in this operation reveal that AKP government led by Tayyip Erdoğan played the greatest role in the destruction in Syria.”

KCK remarked that the two MİT officials held by the Kurdish Freedom Movement for 5 months, and two others captured before have been treated pursuant to universal law and laws of the Freedom Movement.

“Despite the ongoing conflict, the captured MİT members’ rights to life have been secured and neither their identity, personality nor honor has been aggrieved since the moment they were arrested. During this process since their capture, the information, documents and electronic data possessed by the mentioned persons were assessed and the Martyr Sakine Cansız Revolutionary Vengeance Operation was expanded, for which reason the announcement of details to the public was delayed.”

KCK stated that the Kurdish Freedom Movement has obtained very significant information about MİT and several executives and workers of the organization.

“As part of this operation launched in August 2017, MİT’s organizational structure, organization, members, headquarters, residences, domestic and foreign networks and the elements infiltrated into states and organisations were greatly exposed. Several actions of MİT like the Paris killings and assassinations in Rojava, and their illegal secret interrogation centres were found out in detail.

In addition, identities of the MİT members, affiliated spies and local moles in Bakurê (Northern) Kurdistan, Turkey, Europe, Rojava and Bashurê (Southern) Kurdistan have been uncovered. A remarkable part of these agents and affiliated members have been captured in special operations. The organization network of MİT have been inflicted severe blows in several areas. With the new information-documents revealed with every arrest, the works of MİT were practically paralyzed both inside and outside Turkey."

The statement pointed out that the concept of attacks against PKK administrators have been voided and the Turkish state has suffered a great blow:

"With the Martyr Sakine Cansız Revolutionary Vengeance Operation, the concrete conspiracies against the leading cadres of our movement and all efforts to that end have been voided. As Tayyip Erdoğan, Devlet Bahçeli and all fascist alliances await the capture and murder of PKK's leading cadres, the important officials they put to this task have been captured, foiling their plans. A great blow has been dealt to Tayyip Erdoğan's plans to put the Kurdish people through a genocide and these plans won't be reimplemented any time soon."

The KCK Executive Council Co-Presidency statement also included a call for the public: "We have exposed and surveilled the people mentioned in the documents recovered from the MIT administrators and understood all their relationship networks through inspection, then turned this into an operation. The crimes the MIT has committed against our people and other peoples will be shared with the public shortly. Considering 5hat the AKP government and the MIT have intensified their dirty war at this time, we are calling on patriots, democrats and our people as a whole to be mindful of the fascist government's misleading special war news and psychological warfare and to stand against their attacks to this end."