Democratic Solution Tents are up to stay

Democratic Solution Tents are up to stay

Despite the attacks on the Democratic Solution Tents early this morning, people remained determined to put up the tents once again. While the raids on tents were condemned in many places including Siirt, Dersim, Cizre, thousands of people formed by a majority of women put up the new Solution Tent in Cizre. Shopkeepers did not open their shops in Malazgirt, Varto and Van today.


While the citizens of Dogubayazýt/Agrý flocked to BDP District Organization when the Democratic Solution Tent was removed, the area of the tent was blockaded by police, action force police, panzers and scorpion vehicles.


The citizens in Varto/Mus started a sit-in act in the area upon the removal of the Democratic Solution Tent. The mass was bloackded by mobile force units and asked by district governor Ahmet Günaydýn to leave. Threatening people with police intervention, Günaydýn was responded by the citizens with slogans “Pressures can not intimidate us”. Upon Günaydýn’s leaving the area in the face of slogans and demands of the people, police withdrew from the area following negotiations with officials of District Police.

The sit-in action continues in the district where shopkeepers took down the shutters.


Coming together at BDP district building upon the removal of the tent, citizens held a meeting concluding to put up the tent collectively tomorrow. While citizens started a sit-in act in the tent area after the meeting, security measures were increased in front of the AKP building and the tent area.


Flocking to the tent area over the removal of the the Democratic Solution Tent, people keep waiting at the Freedom Park since the morning. While the park is blockaded by police, shopkeepers did not open up their shops in the district today.


With the participation of Labor, Democracy and Freedom Block’s Igdýr independent candidate Pervin Buldan, a meeting was held at the BDP building upon the removal of the tent. Following the meeting, citizens will determine when and how to put up the tent.


While civil society organizations held a meeting at IHD (Human Rights Association) Van Branch to evaluate the removal of the tent, a large part of the shopkeepers closed their shops today. A press statement was made at the tent area at 13.00 to condemn the police intervention on Democratic solution Tents.


Sadak: AKP powers usurped our tent

Reacting to the intervention, Siirt Mayor Selim Sadak said the followings; “The Peace and Democracy Party has put up democratic solution tents everywhere to demand the removal of the obstacles before the Kurdish problem and democracy. However, AKP's dark forces could not tolerate it. Our tent was usurped by AKP’s forces last night. Defendants of peace, pluralistic and participatory democracy shall teach the security director his place if he will not do his own task. Everyone should know very well that we are going to continue putting up the democratic solution tents”.

The sit-in actions continues in the tent area.


Making a statement to the people who flocked to the area upon the removal of the tent at night hours, BDP Cizre Chair Esat Alkuc stated that they will re-put up the tent and never give up the democratic struggle. Malkuc said the followings; “Our tent was removed with a police attack at midnight. In this case, the people should protect their tents because the attacks on democratic solution tents are the attacks made on the democratic solution of the Kurdish problem. About 500 police officers removed our tent, seized all materials and took them to the security directorate. We condemn the attitude of the AKP police and announce that we are going to put up the tent again”.

People keep waiting in front of BDP district building.


Women are putting up the new tent in Silopi where thousands of people came to the tent area in accompany with slogans. While reactions intensify against the AKP, police is watching the mass remotely.


Reactions continue against the removal of the Democratic Solution Tent at Seyit Rýza Square in Dersim. Hundreds of people who have been waiting at the tent area since the intervention have launched an initiative to put up a new tent.

The sit-in actions on the other side continue in Batman, Sýrnak, Kýzýltepe, Nusaybin and Idil where new tents are expected to be put up soon.

Translation: Berna Ozgencil