KDP opens new bases for Turkish intelligence services

In places specifically indicated by the MIT, new centers are established in the presence of special units of the KDP.

The invading Turkish state is establishing new centers and watchpoints under the leadership of Sihan Barzani, the 1st Commander of the Peshmerga Support Force, in cooperation with the KDP in areas within the Medya Defense Zones.

In places specifically indicated by the MIT, new centers are established in the presence of special units of the KDP. New activities were initiated with the cooperation of Parastin in order to monitor the guerrilla points and learn about the weapon storages and financial resources.


The new base centers that the Turkish state has established and continues to establish in South Kurdistan are as follows:

* New centers were established on the Bradost and Sîdekan line.

* New observation points were established in Hesen Beg Hill.

* Work began to establish a watchpoint and a police station on the side of Helgurtd Mountain and Hacı Umran to Xuşkan village.

* New outposts were established on Hesaarî Serkan Mountain, on the Mexîman road, on the border of the Dolan region and in Rayat and Berde Zerdê.

* After the control points were established in Gundê Jor, Gundê Jêr and Şereye, work began in the region of Belekati. In addition to the Dêlzer and Berdeboşkan outposts, new police stations were also established.

* Turkish soldiers in peshmerga clothes were placed on the side of the Helemond Hill towards Zînî Wertê and around Rewandûz district. Heavy weapons were also sent to the village of Xiwarû on the Rewandûz side.

* The number of peshmerga in police stations in Qesre, Bocar, Xaneq, Kolîtar, Mamerût, Pisht Mergê and Balayan was also increased.

According to information obtained, a committee had been established between the KDP and Turkey for the renewal of existing stations and building new police stations. Resources are transferred from the Federated Kurdistan Government to establish new police stations. The Turkish state also gets oil from South Kurdistan.


According to information obtained from local sources, outposts where the 80th KDP Force is staying as well as those in the Bradost, Belekati and Rewandûz region are under control of MIT. Helgurt Commander Berhem Arîf Yasîn shares information with MIT. Anti-Terror Units affiliated to Parastin, Sipêlk Command and Support Force affiliated to Sihad Barzani are also included in the same plan. The Peshmerga, MIT personnel and Turkish special units are stationed here.

In the light of the information transferred to the MIT from the police stations and base centers built here, the marked places are targeted and bombed. In these bombings, civilians are massacred and their vineyards and gardens are damaged.

At the same time, the Kurdish Freedom Movement gives martyrs. Considering the simultaneous attacks on Medya Defense Zones, Shengal, Mexmûr, Heftanîn, Xakurkê and other regions occupied by the Turkish state on 15 June 2020, it is clear why these bases and police stations were established.

In order to prevent demonstrations and protests, information collected from the public is shared directly with Parastin, and those who lead the demonstrations are neutralized. For example, the youth who led the protest against the Turkish base in Sheladize were targeted by the Turkish state's drones. Turkey wants to invade the region from within, by taking complete control of the region with this intelligence network. Therefore, there is an extraordinary situation in the region. Special forces affiliated to the KDP are deployed in every field and detentions are carried out in case of a demonstration. The fate of dozens of people who have been detained in these regions is not clear. Detentions are also carried out in Dihok, Zaxo and Hewler, as well as in border areas.

KDP Intellectual and Press Agency and Parastin show the PKK as a criminal organisation in order to conceal the cooperation with the Turkish state and to legitimize the invasion attacks in South Kurdistan.


The MIT also operates in the security base in Kirkuk, where also peshmerga stationed, through the Turkmen Front. Turkey does this through the Turkmen Front as it knows that it cannot directly intervene in Kirkuk for now. The Turkmen Front is active with the permission of the Turkish state and the support of the MIT. If there is no need to open a base in Kirkuk why Turkey has prepared an armed force of 400 people? As it will be remembered, it was revealed that the two persons captured by the Iraqi Intelligence Organization in connection with the explosion in the Musella district of Kirkuk were MIT personnel.