Kurdish patriotism

Fleeing from Kurdistan is fleeing from patriotism, the struggle for freedom and democracy. As dozens of Kurdish young people die for freedom each day, one cannot flee from Kurdistan to seek a better life in Europe.

Can the events on the border between Poland and Belarus be called “human tragedy” and “Kurdish drama”? Certainly not. Because there is not only a tragedy, but also a massacre.

Calling it a 'tragedy' misses the point and plays a role in legitimizing a massacre of humanity. It conceals those responsible and thus prevents them from giving an account of the events.

However, some people are guilty and responsible for the events in question, and they should be held accountable. So, who is responsible and guilty for the events, or who are they?

Certainly, what matters cannot be restricted to what happened at the border, and therefore those responsible should not be sought over there. In fact, what is happening on the Polish-Belarusian border is only one outcome of the so-called “refugee problem”. So, that's not the cause.

Therefore, in order to understand and define the recent episode at the border correctly, it is necessary to contemplate the causes, not the outcomes. Because the main responsibility for the dramatic events on the Polish-Belarusian border or throughout the Mediterranean are the causes that have given rise to these results.

So, what are the reasons that drive people to the Polish-Belarusian border or the Mediterranean?

There are two obvious reasons for this: The first reason relates to the five-century-old system of capitalist modernity and its globalization.

All resources in Latin America, Africa and Asia have been forcibly appropriated and transferred to Europe for five centuries. While people were starving in these lands, consumption paradise was created in Europe. Quite naturally, people who remain hungry rush into this fake paradise.

The second reason is that current governments in Latin America, Africa, and Asia are mostly oppressive and exploitative dictatorships.

Governments in Latin America, Africa, and Asia suppress people there and steal the remaining resources and make their own families and dynasties richer.

Thus, people are subjected to oppression and hunger, which leads the masses to leave their homeland and flee to Europe.

This means that the recent refugee crisis which caused deaths in the Mediterranean or on the Polish-Belarusian border result from the five-century-old system of capitalist modernity and contemporary fascist dictatorships. For this reason, these forces are responsible and guilty for these events, which are dubbed “human tragedy”.

It is thus necessary to hold these forces responsible and blame them for the events in question, and to bring the mentality and policies of these forces to account for these events.

In this regard, we need to address the decisive role of the AKP-MHP fascist dictatorship.

The AKP-MHP fascism does not only force people to flee by oppressing and exploiting the people living within its borders but also gathers such people from many areas of Asia and Africa, particularly from neighbouring countries, and sends them to Europe in a planned way.

The ruling AKP-MHP alliance creates a “refugee crisis” and blackmails the EU through the refugees. It has been trying to convince the EU to give green light to its fascist dictatorship and especially its genocidal policies against the Kurds.

Therefore, the AKP-MHP fascist government is primarily responsible for the current “refugee crisis” and it should be held to account for this more than anything else.

We certainly do not find it right and legitimate that people flee from their homeland and take a deadly journey to the Mediterranean or the Polish-Belarusian border in order to go to Europe.

First of all, we are trying to identify and blame the forces that are primarily responsible and guilty for the recent events. In the meantime, we also strongly criticize people who leave their own homeland, flee to other countries and seek paradise for whatever reason.

In this regard, we believe that what really matters is to remain in one's own country, to fight fascist oppression and exploitation by being conscious and organized, and to create a paradise in one’s own homeland.

Humanitarian aid can, of course, be provided to the hungry people in the final analysis. However, this should be done not by praising the conduct and conditions of those people, but by criticizing them, by revealing the wrongness of their thoughts and behaviour and by channelling them into what is right.

Flight from one’s own homeland and pursuit of a paradise in a place like Europe where everything has been created with blood cannot be justified and defended. Above all, this contradicts the principle of patriotism.

Based on these general considerations, we can now address the “Kurdish drama”.

It is said that a significant part of those who gathered and even died on the Polish-Belarusian border consists of Kurds. It is further claimed that most of these Kurds are from South Kurdistan (North Iraq).

In other words, they are from the part of Kurdistan which is ruled by the Kurds and called “Free Kurdistan”. The AKP-MHP fascism is claimed to have facilitated their flight.

It is, of course, understandable that the AKP-MHP fascism is attempting to disperse the Kurds across the world by smuggling them out of Kurdistan. Because the AKP-MHP government is fascist, colonial and genocidal. The archenemy of the Kurds, it is carrying out systematic Kurdish massacres and feeding on Kurdish blood. It openly says to the Kurds: “Leave this land and go wherever you like”. In other words, it remains genocidal and does what is necessary for a genocide against the Kurds.

Moreover, it is the Kurds who have been subjected to the cruellest oppression and exploitation by the global capitalist system.

This system has divided Kurdistan into four parts. It keeps the Kurdish people under the threat of genocide by ignoring them. After all, this system has been supporting Turkish genocidal policies for a century.

Therefore, the crimes of oppression, exploitation and plunder by capitalist modernity and local dictatorships have been committed mostly in Kurdistan.

Therefore, it makes sense when the global capitalist modernity system and AKP-MHP fascism team up to drive the Kurds out of Kurdistan and change the demographic structure in Kurdistan. However, two things remain incomprehensible and unacceptable.

The first is the role of the South Kurdistan Regional Government concerning the recent events. If the Regional Government in Hewlêr (Erbil) follows the right policies and protects the Kurdish people and especially its youth, these people will not try to leave Kurdistan and flee to Europe no matter what the capitalist system and AKP-MHP fascism do.

This means that the ruling Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) in Hewler is also responsible for the recent events, namely the flight from Kurdistan.

The KDP administration promotes the Barzani dynasty and leaves other people hungry, poor and hopeless by suppressing democracy, increasing oppression and exploitation, looting and corruption.

Otherwise, why would people flee from the Kurdish administration and a heavenly Kurdistan?!

The second is the understanding and attitude of people who leave Kurdistan and flee to Europe rather than organizing and fighting against the undemocratic rule of the KDP.

This understanding and attitude is obviously wrong. In fact, it is dangerous and constitutes an offense since the Kurds remain under the threat of genocide. This is why fleeing from Kurdistan is fleeing from patriotism, from the struggle for freedom and democracy. Therefore, it is not possible to justify flight from the point of patriotism.

A flight has nothing to do with Kurdish patriotism. While dozens of Kurdish young people die for freedom each day, one cannot flee from Kurdistan to seek a better life in Europe.

As it turns out, it seems necessary to redefine Kurdish patriotism and adopt it everywhere in a correct way.

It is necessary to make the patriotic line developed by Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan dominant over the whole society everywhere.

There are hundreds and thousands of examples of Kurdish patriotism realized along this line. The most recent example is Öcalan's loyal friend, esteemed Kurdish patriot, Great Martyr Yusif Gulo. Yusif Gulo’s personality represents true patriotic features.

Therefore, it is necessary to redefine Kurdish patriotism based on Yusif Gulo’s point of view and make it prevail everywhere.

We thus commemorate our great patriotic martyr Yusif Gulo and his martyred grandchildren with respect and declare that we will promote his stance as a genuine example of patriotism and keep his memory alive in Free Kurdistan.

Source: Yeni Özgür Politika