Last video message by HPG guerrilla Celal Fedakar about the Werxelê resistance

The video message by HPG guerrilla Celal Fedakar about the Werxelê resistance, said: "Since the invaders cannot enter the tunnels, they use gas. We salute our friends in all four parts of Kurdistan. We are winning, the victory is already ours."

In the Werxelê war tunnels of the Avaşîn area, a group of guerrillas wrote a resistance epic for 5 months with the slogan "There is no way to invade Zagros" against the invasion attacks that the Turkish army started on 23 April 2021. Despite all their technological equipment, the insurgents in Werxelê resisted and defeated the Turkish army, that ultimately killed them using chemical weapons.

The guerrillas who resisted the attacks of the Turkish soldiers, who disregarded the rules of war, recorded their days of resistance in their diaries and recorded their thoughts and feelings on video.

Martyr Adil Gabar and HPG guerrilla Celal Fedakar were among the Werxelê resistance fighters who recorded their observations about the war in the midst of the war. It was revealed that both guerrillas were recording on camera their messages in the Werxelê war tunnels on the 72nd day of the resistance.

Speaking to the camera, Celal Fedakar from Hewlêr, stated that the most advanced technology and the most poisonous gas were used against them, but they would never leave their position.

Celal Fedakar said that they would never let the invaders pass: “There has been an operation in Avaşîn province for a long time. In the first month, the operation was on the sides of Mamreşo and Martyr Serdar, and it gradually widened. They tried to approach. Now they are trying to attack our position, but we will not leave it. None of our friends will leave their position. Everyone should know that. Let the enemy know, we will never leave our position. That's why the enemy is attacking like this now. Since it cannot enter the tunnels, it uses gas and explosives and tries to send the dogs in. This is how he wants to get results. But our friends are resisting.”

Stating that they were in the resistance tunnels in the Werxelê area, Celal Fedakar continued his message as follows: “The tunnels are above us, the enemy is there but cannot approach. Friends shoot at intervals, they go back. They are in such a situation right now that they are having a hard time. They throw mines (explosives) into the tunnels. Friends are also taking precautions against gas and mines.”

Martyr Celal Fedakar, who stated that all preparations must be made to win a victory in the war, added: “When ammo, logistics and other measures are taken, it is okay. Once these are done, the enemy cannot come. They do not dare to enter the tunnels easily anyway. For example, in Mamresho, friends resisted for days, and their resistance reverberated around the world. When the enemy could not enter the tunnels, he used chemical poison. Our friends were martyred just like that. Otherwise, they wouldn't be able to enter the tunnels."

Celal Fedakar said that despite the many attacks by the Turkish army, there were no casualties. “This is a success in itself. We are resisting. When the enemy is forced and does not get any results, it will have to go back. But it uses everything at its disposal against the tunnels in order not to retreat in disgrace.”

HPG guerrilla Celal Fedakar said: “We send our greetings to all our friends. We cordially and wholeheartedly salute our friends in all four parts of Kurdistan. We are winning, the victory is already ours. We crush and defeat the enemy here. Let all our friends know, we will never leave this place. It's almost time to defeat the enemy."

*As a result of the use of chemical weapons by the Turkish army, HPG guerrilla Celal Fedakar (Bestûn Bekir) fell a martyr on 26 September 2021, and Adil Gabar (Yakup Kızılaslan) on 10 October 2021.