Maxmur Camp will eliminate a new wave of attacks

The residents of the Maxmur camp will frustrate the attacks through their resistance and struggle just as they have already eliminated the plans and plots pursued against them for the last 28 years.

The Şehit Rüstem Cûdî Camp, also known as Maxmur, is not an ordinary refugee camp. Embracing a life based on freedom and dignity, the camp rebelled against the fascist state. The camp’s residents defied the injustice. Choosing an honourable life, they took a risk and pursued the truth. They said that a life must be honourable, dignified and decent. They preferred to lead this sacred life by risking everything for a free life based on their own identity, culture, morality and existence.

The residents of the Şehit Rüstem Cûdî Camp have never compromised on their principles, despite all the hardship, hunger, death, plunder, burning of the camp, beheadings and permanent relocation. For 28 years, they have been fighting not only for themselves, but for the entire Kurdish people. They changed Maxmur, once a place in ruins, into a home for life and hope. The residents of the camp organized themselves in every new camp they moved to, fighting and building their lives accordingly. Nothing is more sacred and precious than a conscious life. The residents of the camp have based their lives on this sacredness and values.

When the people of the camp became refugees and moved to South Kurdistan, they said ‘this is also Kurdistan, it is our homeland and country and let's live in our own country rather than living in the lands of our enemies’. Yes, that was Kurdistan, and it was their home, too. However, they did not know that the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) was more dangerous than the enemies of the Kurdish people and promoted a Kurdish massacre.

The plans and plots carried out by the fascist Turkish state, particularly the 'Collapse Plan', are still continuing. The KDP and Iraq are the implementers of this plan. Undoubtedly, the Şehit Rüstem Cûdî Camp, a resistance hub, frightens the enemies of the Kurdish people. There, the refugees govern themselves according to the democratic nation model. Therefore, the camp remains as a target of the fascist Turkish state. The best Kurd for the Turkish state is a dead, slave, collaborator and betrayer Kurd.

All the practices targeting the camp show us that both the KDP and Iraq have taken part in a dirty alliance with the Turkish state. Special warfare, psychological, barbarian methods, deliberate food shortage and air strikes are targeting the residents of the camp. Undoubtedly, they want to carry out this collapse plan with the help of collaborators, and this plan has been put into practice to a large extent. One of the most basic objectives of this plan is to eliminate all the gains of the Kurds and to avoid a political status for them. The resistance camp is also a part of the history of the Kurdish people's freedom movement.

The 'Collapse' plan against the camp was initiated in 2019 by KDP collaborators. By closing the roads leading to the camp, they caused a deliberate food shortage inside the camp. If this succeeded, the camp would be dissolved. If not, panic would be caused inside the camp through special and psychological warfare. The fascist Turkish state would continue its air strikes and try to spread fear and panic. Of course, none of their plans has worked out. Now the Iraqi state wants to resume the plan.

On December 27, 2021, Iraqi forces attempted to surround the camp with wires, but the residents opposed it. Although they prevented this, the danger continues. In recent days, several military towers have been built in lower Maxmur. What does it mean, what do they aim with it?

ISIS members are continuing to attack civilians in villages and the border in South Kurdistan and Iraq. Why does not the KDP improve the security of these areas and protect them? Why do they build watchtowers here in such a process? There are many other questions that remain to be answered.

All these developments show that Hewler, Baghdad and Ankara have dirty plans for the camp.

The residents of the camp will nevertheless frustrate these attacks through their resistance and struggle just as they have already eliminated the plans and plots pursued against them for the last 28 years. Their dedication to success is strong enough. No matter what happens, they will maintain their gains, status and organization.