Open colonialism in Hakkari

What we see in Hakkari is a clear colonial situation. They can no longer hide colonialism in Kurdistan. The municipality is the municipality of the people there, the people made their choice, but they said, "I do not accept what you chose."

Erdoğan and Bahçeli's government lost the election and suffered a huge loss of votes. A weakened and illegitimate government cannot make decisions on vital issues that concern the future of the country. But Erdoğan and Bahçeli are still threatening everyone as if nothing like this had happened. Erdoğan is trying to delay and make the CHP hesitate by talking about so-called détente. The AKP-MHP government has left Turkey in economic ruin and faced with serious problems both at home and abroad. Tens of thousands of Turkish army soldiers are now at war in Syria and Iraq, and the number of bases is increasing.

This government has been attacking the Kurdish people continuously since 2015. He tried to rule with trustees by usurping all the municipalities won by HDP for two terms. Since the trustees were not responsible to the people, they acted as civil servants of the central government. They plundered the resources of the municipality. The usurped municipalities are under a heavy debt burden.

They organized a conspiracy called the Kobane case. They imprisoned HDP's members and executives, including its leaders, accusing them of supposedly provoking the people and were responsible for the deaths of dozens of people. While there was no trial or decision, Erdoğan and Bahçeli constantly carried out black propaganda. Municipalities lied a lot, saying that they were transferring public money to Kandil. However, their inspectors were constantly on the neck of HDP municipalities. Intelligence and other forces were monitoring their breathing. In this case, how could anyone send money to Qandil? Moreover, no such decision or evidence has been found in the courts whose orders were given and used as a cudgel.

On 2 June, the co-mayor of Hakkari was taken into custody and a trustee was immediately sent to occupy the place of the legitimately elected mayor.  Allegedly, there was a lawsuit filed against him in 2014. So, they waited ten years. Why are they making such a hasty decision two months after the election? It is clear that this is not a normal trial. Besides, the hearing is on the 6th of the same month. Why did they take the mayor into custody and replace him before the verdict? At least they should wait until the decision is made, then put their plan into practice! No one will believe these fake courts and decisions issued by orders. The Kurdish people in particular do not believe it at all.

These people know how Seyit Rıza was tried and executed. İhsan Sabri Çağlayangil, who went to Dersim on duty, himself explained what happened at that time. He is specially assigned and sent with instructions to "make the execution as early as possible, and this will be over on Monday." He carried out the executions at midnight on a Sunday, by bringing in prosecutors and other officials, just after twelve o'clock at night, as if it were a Monday.

After the MGK meeting, it was once again announced to the public that attacks against the Kurds were planned. Before that, Bahçeli had made a statement about the escalation of the war against the Kurdish people, including Rojava. Erdoğan is now doing his part in implementing and managing this. His last statement said that appointing a trustee would not be limited to Hakkari and that the first step had been taken with this.

This statement shows that the problem cannot be explained by laws or the courts, but is clearly a state and government operation.

What we see in Hakkari is a clear colonial situation. They can no longer hide colonialism in Kurdistan.  They were already ruling Kurdistan with methods such as martial law, general inspections, and a state of emergency. But they were making unrealistic propaganda to give the impression to the domestic and foreign public that they do not "discriminate and treat all citizens equally".

In Hakkari, the municipality is now surrounded by tanks and armored vehicles. Citizens are not allowed near the municipality. The municipality is the municipality of the people there. The people made their choice, but they say: “I do not accept what you chose.” They say, "I'm strong, I have the power, I'm taking over." This is how their tyranny and lack of recognition of their own laws expose them to the internal and international public. They can't hide their true faces anymore. Because the Kurdish people are conscious and resisting. Kurds unmask them.

The Autonomous Administration in Rojava said: "We will hold municipal elections, let the people elect their administrators and organize services." Where in the world are elections defined as terrorism or a dangerous situation? This is a mind that can only exist in the Turkish state. Their mentality is poisoned. Nothing comes out of their mouths except violence and death. They began to increase their massacres in the region and make threat after threat. Their hostility towards Kurds knows no bounds. Five or six million people live in this region. Half of the population is Arab. All peoples are intertwined. You cannot hold municipal elections, Turkey say. "I will destroy you. I will not allow terrorism to be established." Is there a "Terroristan" established by elections in the world? Has anyone heard of such a thing? But this is how the racist and genocidal Turkish state mind works.

The Kurdish people, the democratic circles and the forces that claim to be opposition have to organize a strong objection and resistance. If there is no effective objection and resistance, other municipalities will be taken over and Erdoğan and Bahçeli will continue to cause trouble for Turkey.

Source: Yeni Özgür Politika