Prostitution through Turkey in Afrin

The invading Turkish state has accelerated the implementation of prostitution and drugs in Afrin as well as turning citizens into spies in recent months.

Many houses of prostitution have opened up in the Turkish state occupied Afrin in recent months, while women in the camp in Qibare have been given training for prostitution and espionage.

Reports say the invading Turkish state has encouraged and supervised the opening of several houses of prostitution in Afrin. The private house of prostitution opened in the Eshrefiye neighborhood is run under MIT control and the neighborhood itself is controlled by the Jabhat al Shamiyya gang. Most of the women forced to work there are refugees from Ghouta, but there are other Kurdish women who come from elsewhere or have been abducted from Afrin. Most of the women and girls are between 14 to 20 years old. There are other women who were brought to Afrin by the gangs and have been involved in prostitution before.

Some women from Afrin whose financial resources have been confiscated and some refugee women are also forced to work in these houses.


On top of the prostitution houses, women are subjected to sexual abuse in camps, villages, district centers and Afrin center. Women are also forced to prostitute themselves in prisons.


The MIT is using tricks to lure young men into the houses of prostitution and gather intelligence. At the same time, the gangs are training refugee women in the Qibare camp for prostitution and gathering intelligence. Most of the women given the training led by Xetab El Minxi are from Ghouta and the Emerat clan in Jindirese. Women trained there are then sent to Afrin and Shehba to gather information.


Another tactic the invaders use to degenerate the people and to turn them into dependents is drugs. In occupied Afrin and Shehba, gangs under MIT control have been selling pills. The drugs are sold for cheap to spread their use in society. The Turkish state has been subsidizing the widespread sale of pills in the occupied territories.

Gang members in occupied Shehba have told their relatives in Manbij that they “first receive (their) salaries, then some men come and distribute drugs. All (their) money goes to this.”


As it is known, 56 women have been killed by the invading Turkish state during the Resistance of the Age process in Afrin and 104 women were wounded. During the Resistance of the Age, where women displayed legendary resistance, the Turkish state and their allied gangs had shown their misogyny when they put the naked and tortured body of Barin Kobane on display. In the occupation process since March 18, 2018, the total number of abducted women has risen to almost 300. Over 150 women have been abducted and murdered. There are some 30 women held hostage in each one of the 5 “official” prisons controlled by the invaders.