Qadir: The AKP/MHP regime is behind the attack on Karabakh

Jenya Qadir of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) stated that the mercenaries deployed in Artsakh and the technology clearly showed that the AKP/MHP regime was behind the attack on the Armenian region.

Since September 27, Azerbaijan has been attacking the Armenian region of Artsakh with Turkish support. Jenya Qadir of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) from Armenia reports that Turkey had already begun preparations for the war five to six months ago. Speaking to ANF, she said: "This war did not depend on whether Armenia wanted it or not, because the plan to take Artsakh was already made in advance between Turkey and Azerbaijan. In the past thirty years, there has been war between the parties time and again. But this war is different from the previous ones. The difference is that this war was planned and started by Turkey. The Turkish state wants to practically enforce its ambitions in the Caucasus through the war between Azerbaijan and Armenia. We also know that Erdoğan wants to build an Ottoman-Turanist system. That is why it is attacking and intervening everywhere. This situation has become a calamity for humanity".

"The majority of people in Azerbaijan don't want this war"

Qadir points out that Azerbaijan is not ready for war: "This is because the country has its own problems. A large part of the country's population does not want this war. The peoples see that the war is planned not by Azerbaijan, but by Turkey. The war is also being fought with Turkish mercenaries and Turkish technology and is coordinated by Turkey. More than Azerbaijan, Turkey wants to bring Artsakh under its control.”

"Russia puts own advantage above everything else"

Regarding Russia's role, Qadir says that the trade relations of recent years have become a means of negotiating mutual concessions behind closed doors. She warns that Russia could pursue a similar policy to that in Syria and Rojava: "The Russian state cannot be a friend to anyone andit  puts its advantage above everything else. If we look back in history, we can see this clearly. Russia has always pursued such a policy towards the peoples of the region".

Threat of war spreading

Qadir warns of a spread of the war to the entire Caucasus and continues: "Russia cannot answer for such a catastrophe. We know very well that the Turkish state will not stop and will try to occupy more areas. We hope that Russia will not make such a historic mistake".

The KNK member warns that a Turkish invasion of Armenia would mean a repeat of 1915 genocide: "The Armenian population has thought wrongly about the Kurds. They have considered the Kurds co-responsible for the genocide. Because of this misperception, friendly relations with the Kurds could not develop at the desired level. The new war shows that Armenians and Kurds have the same enemy. Both peoples must join hands. I hope that the Armenian people are aware of this. Rêber Apo [Abdullah Öcalan] says: 'The coexistence of the peoples in friendship and fraternity is of utmost importance. We should take this paradigm as our basis.”

Jenya Qadir explains that each people must trust in its own strength and believe in itself and resist accordingly. In contrast, states only act in their own interest. In this war, Armenians should not rely on any outside force but on themselves and take responsibility for their own fate, she adds.