Six schools open in Waşûkanî and Serêkaniyê camps

Waşûkanî and Serêkaniyê camps house 6 schools for the approximately 6,000 students at 3 levels of education.

In Northern and Eastern Syria, the 2022/2023 academic year begins on 18 September. As a result of the Turkish state's invasion attacks on Serêkaniyê in 2019, more than 68,000 students were deprived of their right to education.

These students fled to other cities of Northern and Eastern Syria where they were also able to continue their education.

Northern and Eastern Syria Education and Training Board met the basic needs of these students by opening a school in Washukani Camp and 2 schools in Serêkaniyê Camp.

According to the Educational Institution, in the two camps there in the three grades of education (primary, secondary and preparatory), there are a total of 2,900 students in the Washukani Camp, and 3,200 in the Serêkaniyê Camp.

'Shortage in the number of classrooms'

The Educational Institution administrators of the camps started to enrol first-year primary school students and provide books for children.

Salih Hemîdî, a member of the Monitoring Committee, told ANHA that there is still a shortage in the number of classrooms.

The education system in the camps is based on a 2-hour daily system for primary schools and a 4-hour system for secondary and preparatory classes.

The number of schools in the two camps increased to 6.

The Monitoring Committee of the camp noted that the reason for most difficulties was the Turkish occupation, which forced people to migrate.