The need for emancipation from “the murderous state”

In a republic of boundless prohibitions subject to the command of one man, there is no other way out than a popular uprising. It can't go on like this.

Under the rule of the AKP, death and murder became the norm. The patriarchy, as the backbone of the government, has won the predicate of "murderous male domination". Figures on the murders of women are presented, but these figures always remain incomplete. Tens of thousands have committed "suicide". There are tens of thousands who have been killed by state forces. The number of people who have died of Covid-19 worldwide is not nearly as high as the number of murders for which the AKP is responsible. Turkey under the AKP/MHP government can only be called a "killer state".

In the holy scriptures it is written that man is the worthiest being. The AKP/MHP government tries to destroy this understanding of humanity with the means of fascism. It attacks the right of man to breathe, even to exist. The suicides are sociologically the consequence of the attacks of a fascist system on society and man.

While the whole world is dealing with the pandemic, the Turkish state is sending hundreds of armoured vehicles to Idlib. The AKP/MHP regime does not even try to hide its opportunistic basic character anymore. The policy of waging war outside the borders of Turkey is implemented through denial of the Kurd and a mass murder. The AKP has become much more dangerous together with the Coronavirus. The people of Turkey owe it to the death of Kurds and Arabs that it is not a war zone itself. So, should the people of Turkey feel happy or sad over this? Should they feel indebted over this situation or should they enhance their hatred against the Kurds to strengthen the basis of the fascist government?

If you are self-sufficient, then what are you doing in Idlib or in Libya? If you are self-sufficient, why do you send thousands of soldiers and armored vehicles to Idlib? Despite all rhetoric, it is already obvious that the AKP cannot continue to exist in this ruin. The biggest fear of the AKP, or in fact of the AKP-led state, is to lose control over society. For this reason, a partial amnesty was implemented as the "New Execution Law", which is about making room for more political prisoners. The rule of the AKP/MHP government is based on fascism; it is certain that there is no connection between the people and the state.

Anything not bearing the AKP label is disregarded and destroyed. All measures during the pandemic, from the appointment of trustees to HDP municipalities to the collection of aid, are in one hand. However, society will not accept this. Without leaving aside the fear of punishment, everyone is expressing criticism and complaint against the regime, albeit in ironic language. Society cannot bear such pressure, such constraint. The whole of society is subject to rules. It is regulated who does what, what is said, who gets help from whom, who helps whom, what attracts who, how many children one should have, how often one takes a breath, how one dies and what one says before dying. Against this regime, which is dominated by one man, there is no other option than the uprising of the entire population. It cannot go on like this.