"The Turkish government uses pandemic to consolidate its power"

"Those who believe in the freedom line in Kurdistan are resisting. In all areas, people are fighting against the occupation", says YJA Star commander Feride Alkan.

Feride Alkan, one of the commanders of the women's guerrilla troops YJA-Star, spoke to the radio station Dengê Welat about the war in Kurdistan and the worldwide developments. She stressed in the broadcast that the real reason for the Coronavirus pandemic is industrialism and the capitalist system:

"As a liberation movement we discuss the pandemic and ask ourselves how this catastrophe has happened. All over the world, people are talking about technical issues and the results of the pandemic. In this way, the background is concealed. It is the ruling powers and industrialism that are responsible. The world powers only care about their own profit and they destroy nature. They disregard the balance between people and nature. They occupy everything."

Deadlock in the capitalist system

Alkan pointed out the dangers to which society and the world are exposed, remarking that this situation posed a great threat to humanity, for which the world powers do not hold themselves responsible.

"The ruling powers represent the reality in a completely opposite way. The truth is that capitalism is experiencing a deadlock. The world system must finally change. Abdullah Öcalan has also drawn attention to the health, ecological and social catastrophes that are taking place. If the way we deal with the world does not change, there will be even greater dangers. Öcalan has often warned of this. Under capitalism, only consumption is promoted. Humanity is in great danger, but governments are already talking about the worst being over. Right now the whole world is experiencing a period of economic and social depression. In Turkey, people are condemned to poverty, that's why they don't pay attention to health.”

Turkish government uses pandemic to consolidate its power

The guerrilla commander also addressed the influence of "AKP/MHP-fascism" in society. She said that the war economy lived from the workers and the impoverished sections of the population. In order to deepen the war, the Turkish state endangers human lives, said Feride Alkan and continued: "The Coronavirus pandemic is at its highest level in Turkey, but the opposite is claimed to deceive people. In this way they want to save their system. The AKP/MHP fascism considers this disease a great opportunity for itself. The government wants to use this time to consolidate its own power.

Before the outbreak of the pandemic, the Turkish state experienced great difficulties both in Libya and in Idlib. With the beginning of spring, the guerrilla movements have also begun, and the opposition has become stronger. Turkey has shuttled back and forth between Russia and the US, the economy was on the verge of collapse. The AKP/MHP regime was isolated worldwide, but with the coronavirus the agenda has changed. For this reason, the Turkish state sees the pandemic as extremely beneficial to itself.

It is building its policy on this. They send their jihadists to Idlib and Libya, occupy the municipalities, they want to occupy South Kurdistan, oppress our people in the North (of Kurdistan) and they got their criminal gangs out of prison through a new law. They make it openly clear that they are the state of criminal gangs. The people must be vigilant in the face of this mentality, because the Turkish state wants to use the pandemic for its own interests. In order that the developments do not degenerate into a fascist direction in favour of the government, the whole society and all free circles unite and fight together".

The Turkish state's fear of the Kurds and PKK

Referring to the Turkish attacks on the Kurdish people, guerrilla commander Feride Alkan said: "The Turkish state is afraid because it knows that the PKK will end fascism. For this reason, it continues its attacks on Kurdistan. In order to annihilate the Kurdish people, the fascist regime is counting on Ergenekon. It knows that the growing Kurdish movement will lead them to their end. It attacks Maxmur, Qandil and all parts of Kurdistan because it is afraid of the Kurdish people and PKK. Against these attacks, Leader Apo [Abdullah Öcalan], the people and the guerrilla are in a great resistance. Those who believe in the freedom line in Kurdistan are resisting. The Turkish state wants to expand its occupation, but as guerrilla we can let its attacks come to nothing with our new tactics. The time against occupation is the time of guerrilla. In all areas, people are fighting against the occupation."