Turkish army uses all kinds of chemical weapons

The Turkish army is using all kinds of chemical weapons in the invasion attacks it has been carrying out for 5 months in the Medya Defence Areas. Recently, it has been using chlorine gas.

The Turkish invasion attack launched on 14 April 2022 against the guerrilla forces in Zap, Avaşîn and later in Metina in the Medya Defence Areas is about to mark its 5th month. The fascist Erdogan-Bahçeli regime's occupation plan failed on its very first day since the guerrillas predicted the invasion attack and made many necessary preparations from the beginning of the year. The original Turkish plan was designed to capture Zap in a short time. The plan was to take down Zap and to either destroy or force all the guerrilla forces to surrender in the area in a month through a wave of large-scale attacks. However, Ankara’s plan has collapsed in Zap. Just as HPG and YJA Star guerrillas have been fighting colonialism for 40 years with a willpower based on the Apoist self-sacrificing stance, the guerrillas are currently withstanding the Turkish army based on the same will. To tell the truth, this willpower has come to a height.

After a continuous bombing of dozens of resistance areas in one night, thousands of Turkish soldiers and their allied forces were landed around the battle tunnels. The first wave of attacks failed following a quick guerrilla response. The most apparent attack tactic was that the Turkish forces started using chemical weapons against the guerrilla forces from the very first day.

As it will be remembered, the invading Turkish army did not use chemical weapons in the very beginning of last year's war. After the serious blows it received in the first days of the war, the Turkish army started to use chemical weapons. Turkey started using chemical weapons against the guerrilla forces from the very beginning of this year's war. The reason for this was that Turkey wanted to carry out a total destruction in a short time. The invading Turkish army and its mercenaries have attacked the guerrilla forces using tactical nuclear bombs and chemical weapons 1,762 times in 5 months. The guerrilla forces announced that they have detected 5 chemical weapon groups with different colours and tastes so far during these attacks. Most recently, on September 9, an attack was carried out against the battle tunnels of the guerrilla forces with chlorine gas. Supported by the NATO and European states, Turkey is continuing to commit further crimes against humanity. Turkey is encouraged by the silence of global powers.


The Turkish army has repeatedly used chemical weapons in its dirty war against the guerrilla forces for years, yet it has never used as many chemical weapons as in the last two years of the war. All kinds of chemicals have been abundantly used: Nervous system poisons (Tabun, Sarin, Soman, Vx), Caustic chemicals (Mustard, Nitrogen Mustard, Lewisite), Lung irritating chemicals (Phosgene, Diphosgene, Chloropicrin), Systemic poisons (Hydrogen Cyanide, Hydrogen Sulphide), Capacity disrupting chemicals ( BZ, LSD), Riot-control chemicals (Tears: CN,CS,CR, Vomitives: DM), Herbicides (2, 4-D, 2, 4, 5-T, Cacodylic acid, Picloram) and many other chemical weapons. Especially chemicals that suffocate and paralyze the nervous system are used extensively. The use of all these chemical weapons is considered a crime against humanity.

The most recent crime against humanity committed by the fascist Erdoğan-Bahçeli regime was reported on September 9 when the Turkish army used banned chlorine gas against the battle tunnels. In a statement on September 9, the HPG confirmed that chlorine gases were used against the battle positions of the guerrilla forces.


Chlorine is not an ordinary chemical. According to international laws, it is first banned chemical weapon used in conventional warfare. As it is known, all weapons other than strategic and tactical nuclear weapons are within the scope of conventional weapons. The use of this gas, which is classified as a suffocating gas, is prohibited according to international laws. Previously, the guerrillas in the Martyr Berxwedan battle position in the Şehîd Şahîn Resistance Area had detected the use of this gas. In fact, Martyr Bager, a former commander from the Şehîd Şahin Resistance Area, explained in footage that the colour of a chemical similar to this gas was yellowish green and smelled like laundry bleach. The Turkish army already has a large amount of this gas in its inventory. These gases are banned because they are considered weapons of mass destruction. No objection has been made against the possession of this gas by the Turkish army, including all banned weapons.


According to the information obtained from the guerrillas who took part in the clashes, when this gas contacts with a human body, it first causes itching and redness. Afterwards, effects such as burning in the eyes and throat and inability to breathe can be observed. Yet, these are initial symptoms that occur following a short-term exposure. The guerrillas revealed that in case of a long-term exposure, it causes blood accumulation in the lungs and death. Furthermore, the guerrilla forces stated that this gas is much denser than air, adding that it begins to show its main effect when it contacts with water. These chemical gases which cause serious damage to nature are used on purpose. The Turkish army aims to destroy both the guerrilla forces and the countryside of Kurdistan. It is committing a crime against both humanity and nature.


The invading Turkish army attempted to eradicate the guerrilla forces by introducing all kinds of mercenary groups, contras, contracted soldiers and special army members into the ground, but when all these forces were gradually defeated, they started to use all kinds of chemical weapons against the guerrilla forces. These weapons, which can become deadlier, especially when used in narrow and closed areas, are used for a total destruction of the guerrilla forces. For a long-time effect, it is put into explosives in solid form. However, chemical weapons are often used in gas form. The guerrilla forces reported their use several times under difficult conditions. These methods are specifically picked up by the Turkish army, since the battle tunnels are mostly prepared in such a way that allows air circulation, so the chemicals to be released in the form of gas do not have a long-term effect. The Turkish army is bombing the entrances of the battle tunnels with large-scale explosives in order to prevent air circulation. It is thus aimed that the gases have a long-term effect.


The Turkish army is committing crimes against humanity for all to see. All Western states, especially the international agencies created to prevent the use of these weapons, are complicit in this crime by remaining silent and offering their support. Peoples should step into action against it. Every Kurdish individual is supposed to shoulder the responsibility of this struggle as well as the guerrilla forces. Everyone should know that this invasion attack and the war crimes committed are not just against the guerrilla forces. It is carried out to commit a genocide against the entire Kurdish people. No one has the right to run away from the struggle if there is a guerrilla force that is selflessly resisting for the honour and existence of the Kurdish people.