Turkish MIT’s dirty activities in Northern and Eastern Syria

The Turkish state’s and ISIS’ sleeper cells captured in Northern and Eastern Syria continue with their confessions. The gang member named Musa Salih Hisen El-Ehmed admitted to two murders.

The Turkish state, having failed to achieve what they want in Northern and Eastern Syria through attacks by the gang groups they support, resorts to dirty methods to pit the peoples of the region against one another. They focus on counter activity through sleeper cells they smuggled into the region to incite a Kurdish-Arab conflict and act in tandem with ISIS sleeper cells in various areas.

Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and People’s Defense Units (YPG) have captured many gang members allied with Turkish intelligence and ISIS in special operations in the Euphrates region, along with their weapons and explosives. The captured gang members provided important information on the dirty plans by ISIS and the Turkish state and the murders they committed.

The captured gang members admitted to murdering opinion leaders in the region, abducting civilians while wearing YPG and SDF uniforms, holding people for ransom and torturing people. SDF and YPG operations continue and expand in line with the information provided by captured gang members.


Gang member Musa Salih Hisen El-Ehmed, perpetrator of the murder of a pharmacist and the businessman named Ebu Rade in Raqqa, is among the captured. El-Ehmed confessed to the murders in questioning and said he got his orders from a man named Ebu Ehmed.

El-Ehmed said: “Two murders were committed in Raqqa by my cell. The first was the Ebu Rade murder. The other was a pharmacist. I killed him. The order came from a man named Ebu Ehmed. I don’t know him, I just know he is from Tedmur.”

El-Ehmed spoke in cold blood about how they committed the murders: “Ebu Ehmed was surveilling Ebu Rade, then he ordered us to kill him. Ebu Suud committed that murder. He was already being surveilled, he was then killed outside his door when he left his office. It was the same in the pharmacist murder. Ebu Ehmed surveilled him and gave me the order two days before he was killed. I followed him from his home and killed him when I found an opportunity.”


Gang member Ebdulah Seyid, part of Liwa Suxur El-Sune gang group that the Turkish president called “one of Syria’s Kuvai Milliye (National Forces)”, was sent from Azaz to Raqqa to carry out various attacks.

Ebdulah Seyid, who was captured with his weapons by the SDF shortly after he arrived in Raqqa from Azaz, gave the following information: “I worked under a man named Ebu Yemen in the Suxur El-Sune group. He told me to go to Raqqa for some efforts. After I arrived, he called me and said he would send weapons and silencers. They asked me to carry out actions against military locations.”


Ebdulah Seyid said he was captured a week after the weapons sent from Azaz got to him and that he didn’t carry out any actions. Ebdulah Seyid said Ebu Yemen works directly under Turkish intelligence: “The weapon was with me for a week, but I didn’t use it in any attacks. Ebu Yemen is a man who works on orders from the Turkish intelligence. He didn’t hide that. He told me openly once.”