Who is the runaway soldier killed by the Turkish army and what does his murder tell?

A soldier was killed by the Turkish army while trying to escape from his troop less than a week ago during a clash in Zap region. His name is Sezai Güngör, a Kurd from Van. He was a contracted soldier since 2015. Bottom line: Defeat and brutality.

The Turkish army launched an invasion operation against Medya Defense Zones in Southern Kurdistan (Northern Iraq) on April 23.

The Turkish army, which could not achieve success neither with its advanced warfare technology nor with its land attacks, has suffered serious losses since the beginning of the occupation.

The Turkish army has been defeated by the guerrillas in the areas of Metina, Avaşin and Zap. The army also used paramilitary forces and mercenaries in its operations and had to replace its forces in the field frequently due to the serious blows it has received. Still, it cannot defeat the guerrilla.

Since the beginning of its invasion attacks, the Turkish army has kept its casualties hidden. It has casualties each day, but the public is not informed about any of them.

Although the Turkish state tries to portray itself successful by using the special war media, the actual situation on the ground reveals the defeat of the Turkish army and its barbaric face. The case of a runaway soldier explains the situation.

HPG Press Centre reported yesterday that a Turkish soldier who wanted to run away from his troop during the clashes in Zap was killed by the Turkish army on September 10.

The Press Centre released the following statement:

On September 10, a group of invading forces was contained by our forces in the Şamkê area of ​​the Zap region. Realizing that his unit had been contained, a soldier in the Turkish army wanted to move towards the position of our forces in order to surrender. While our forces were trying to take this soldier without harming him, the Turkish troops targeted him with individual and semi-automatic weapons and commenced fire against him. In order to capture the soldier alive, our forces engaged in an intense armed conflict with the Turkish troops and one of our comrades was injured. Later on, the Turkish army heavily bombed the area where the soldier in question wanted to surrender to the guerrilla. The soldier who decamped from his unit and wanted to surrender fell to the ground before he could reach our forces as a result of the intense bombardment by the Turkish army. Our fighters who moved to pick up the wounded soldier during the conflict and bombardment, realized that he had already died.”

The special war media and Turkish state officials have always concealed their losses from the public. HPG announced the name of the soldier, but no official statement has been made by the Turkish authorities yet.


According to the documents obtained by the guerrillas, Sezai Güngör was born on March 29, 1993, in the Gürpınar district of Van city. His mother's name is Nurten, his father's name is Sıddık. He holds Turkish citizenship and his identity number is 15383923150. Sezai Güngör's family has been living in Sakarya's Karasu district for a long time. It is understood from the documents that Güngör was a Kurdish citizen from Van, a mostly Kurdish-populated city.


Sezai Güngör's military identity shows that he had been in the ranks of the Turkish army as a contracted soldier since 2015. He served as a sergeant in the Turkish army. His military identity number is 2015-5496.

The case of Sezai Güngör reveals a truth: even if a Kurd serves as a soldier in the enemy army, he will not be saved by the enemy. If he defies orders even once, his right to life is abolished. The murder of Sezai Güngör indicates what will happen to the Kurds when they collaborate with the Turkish state.