YJA Star commander Alkan: Struggle won't end with elections

Feride Alkan, one of the YJA Star commanders, said that fascism was defeated in Kurdistan in the elections held on 14 May, adding that "the struggle did not start with elections, and it does not end after elections either."

Feride Alkan, one of the YJA Star commanders, was interviewed by Stêrk TV. She evaluated the ongoing decision of inaction (ceasefire) and the elections that were held on 14 May.

Alkan started her speech by commemorating the martyrs of May. She emphasized that they were indebted to all the martyrs of Kurdistan, especially Haki Karer.

The YJA Star commander said that the Turkish state continued to increase its attacks despite the KCK's decision of inaction after the Maraş-centred earthquake. She said: “The AKP-MHP government wanted to take advantage of the earthquake instead of healing the people's wounds after the disaster. They carried out an election campaign ignoring the suffering of the survivors. The earthquake disaster was already an outcome of the policies of the AKP-MHP government. They turned a blind eye to the earthquake in order to make it forget.

Despite our decision of inaction, the Turkish state did not stop its attacks. When the enemy attacks, our troops have to protect themselves. They attacked Bagok, Amed and Besta, and numerous enemy soldiers were killed as a result of our troops' retaliation. The enemy continues both its military attacks and political attacks against the people in all areas of Kurdistan. We announced the decision of inaction. Our friends complied with this decision, but as long as the enemy keeps attacking us, the guerrillas will respond in a full-scale war. This can be seen in Bagok, Amed, Besta and Serhat. Our people continue their resistance against all attacks in four parts of Kurdistan. Of course, this resistance needs to grow and become stronger.”

Kurdish people said no to fascism in previous elections

The YJA Star commander pointed out that fascism and Erdogan were defeated in Kurdistan in the elections held on May 14. Alkan continued: “The people said no to Erdoğan in Kurdistan. Being inspired by the resistance of our leader and the guerrillas, our people of Bakur (North Kurdistan) said no to fascism. Erdogan got his record low vote in Kurdistan.

While the Black Sea and Anatolia regions voted for the ruling AKP, Kurdistan and the Mediterranean, Marmara and Aegean regions, where the Kurdish people migrated, voted the main opposition, CHP. The most important thing for us is this stance of our people. As the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla, we regard this stance of our people as an instruction. We will turn the will of our people into an inevitable success. As the guerrillas, we will continue our struggle until the end. It is not possible for any party to succeed in Turkey without the consent of the Kurdish people.

The people of Kurdistan did not go to the polls in a democratic atmosphere. Hundreds of people, especially journalists and politicians, were detained and arrested before the elections on May 14. Despite all these attacks and frauds, the AKP-MHP fascism was defeated in Kurdistan. However, our recommendation to the political parties and democratic forces, including the HDP, is to reconsider their policies. Why is the AKP-MHP strong in the Black Sea and Central Anatolia? Why is there not a strong organization in these regions? In this sense, they should self-criticise.”

Kurdish people’s goal is not to make Kiliçdaroğlu president

Alkan continued: “The Kurdish people's goal is not to make Kılıçdaroğlu president in the second round of the presidential elections on May 28. The history of the CHP and Kılıçdaroğlu are already known by the Kurds. The real issue is to put an end to fascism. For the last 22 years, Erdogan has been pursuing a policy to subject the Kurdish people to genocide and to eliminate the Freedom Movement. That's why our people will vote to remove Erdogan.

Finally, I can state that no fascist power has been removed only through a struggle in the parliament. This should not be forgotten. Therefore, we should not evaluate the matter from a narrow perspective. Fascism cannot be defeated only through parliaments and elections, yet it should not be concluded that these are unimportant. Because parliamentary politicians lose their legitimacy after the elections. But the struggle must be based on a holistic approach. It didn't start with elections, and it won't end after elections either. The struggle must continue for a free Kurdistan, a democratic Turkey, for breaking the isolation and liberating Öcalan. Our people are  organized and politically aware people. I believe that they will defeat fascism and dictator Erdogan in the 2nd round. We thus congratulate our people on the election outcomes in the first round of the elections in Kurdistan.”