Zap is resisting on behalf of Kurdistan

Even during the most horrific times of the conflict, Zap journeys through the pages of a glorious history. Zap is resisting in the name of defending Kurdistan, the victories of the Kurdish people, and honourable beliefs.

A white smoke rises above the Zap resistance regions. Clouds, the sun, pouring rain, and birds gazing are among the witnesses. White smoke is emitted by Zap's resistance tunnels. This smoke that piles up and obscures the sky in Kurdistan is neither caused by guerilla fire or a villagers' picnic fire in the mountains. This white and stinking fog is the chemical weapon used by the invading fascist Turkish army against the guerilla, the hope of the Kurdish people.

It's chemical! The type of poison that burns people, darkens their lungs, dissolves and kills them. That toxic gas that kills slowly and unnoticedly, envelops the entire body in a foul odor, and is worse than physical torment. In the chemical industry, it is a weapon that the entire world considers legal to be outlawed but used only against the Kurdish people.

It has always been employed against the YJA Star and HPG guerilla, the Kurdish people's defense forces, but the use of chemical weapons in the resistance, which began with Cenga Heftanîn in 2020 and continued with Zap for more than 15 days, should serve as a wake-up call to all humanity. Is it legal for a fascist regime to employ this weapon, which is illegal and difficult to use everywhere, to slaughter the children of an entire nation under the pretext of protecting itself? Are the guerrillas, the honor of Kurdistan, deemed worthy of the white smoke rising from Zap's battle tunnels and resistance positions, on days when all peoples celebrate the holiday? Which faith, culture, or war law allows you to cause devastation on behalf of a European citizen with a bleeding finger while remaining silent about the guerrilla deaths by chemicals?

Not only the guerilla, nor the guerrilla commanders, but all of us must reject this and take to the streets. Feeling a sense of belonging to humanity, acting with unity, choosing what is moral and conscientious, and discovering and shaping oneself as honorable should incite rage against the invaders. Just as Zap is enraged by the mentality that exploits its own people, we must spit rage and turn every location into a battlefield. You may wonder why. Zap stands for everyone with honor.

Zap is resisting on our behalf, on behalf of everyone and everything. Even during the war's most heinous moments, they are going through the pages of a glorious history. Zap is resisting in the honor of the courageous who resurrected it with their blood years ago. Zap is fighting for the great warriors of Ali Pılling, the HPG's tactical architect. It is opposing in the name of saving Kurdistan, of defending the Kurdish people's acquired and dignified values. It is fighting a fascist army of a state that cannot even retrive the dead bodies of its own soldiers.

Zap is resisting the KDP, which purports to be Kurdish and runs for treason, in the name of oppressors, fascists, and the denial of humanity. It is resisting because resisting the KDP makes you an honorable Kurd in the twenty-first century. Their ears do not hear the chimes of freedom or the cries for liberty. Therefore, it is better to contribute the term to the resistance rather than saying something to the KDP and contaminating the word. Of course, this is accomplished not only through fighting, but also through living with dignity; without being cheap, and without attempting for falsehood... Being the child of a people who led an uprising and insisted on freedom necessitates perseverance in this life till the end.

Growing up as an honourable person, you don't make compromises on your freedom. Zendura's, Mamreşo's, Werxelê's, and Hill Sor's vengeance necessitates unwavering opposition. Being Cumali, Çavre, Hejar, Zinarîn, Botan, Kurtay, Çekdar, Şaristan, Zîlan, and Sîdar's comrade whispers this to us. By turning this whisper into loudness, anger, and will, the guerilla fights. This is best demonstrated by YJA Star and HPG guerrillas. Zap says that "There could be an incursion in Zap, but no triumph.” Zap is resisting to defend the homeland of Kurdistan.