Association of Documentary Filmmakers demands release of director Sibel Tekin

The Association of Documentary Filmmakers demanded the release of director Sibel Tekin, who was arrested on the grounds that she also shot a police vehicle while making a documentary.

Documentary director Sibel Tekin, who was detained in a raid on her house in Ankara on 16 December, was sent to prison on the charge of "membership in a terrorist organization" by the court she was brought to on 17 December. The justification for Tekin's arrest was the shooting of a documentary on "Life that begins in the dark". During the shooting, a police vehicle passed by and was in the images shot by the director. These images were seen as material to "prepare an action". Again, the videos shot between 2013-2014 and the book "Going to Kobanê" were also used against Tekin.

Filmmakers protest arrest

The Documentary Filmmakers Association condemned Tekin's arrest in a written statement. In the statement titled “We want our friends back”, the filmmakers said: “The recent increase in violence against documentary filmmakers raises our concern. Sibel worked day and night for the International 1001 Documentary Film Festival, and all kinds of activities in our association. She always cheered up those around her with her smiling face and warm energy, and never neglected to shoot and document our own works. She is a professional who voluntarily undertakes the task of transferring information and documents to future generations. Do we have to punish anyone who tries to do good for our children and young people?”

'Sibel must be immediately released'

The statement said: "We will follow the legal process regarding Sibel Tekin. We know Sibel. Playing with people's lives shouldn't be this easy. Sibel Tekin should be released immediately. All her confiscated equipment and archives should be returned in full.”