Gerîla TV publishes footage of Turkish UCAV shot down in Qandil

Gerîla TV published footage of the shooting down of a Turkish UCAV by the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla.

The HPG Press Liaison Centre (HPG-BIM) said in a statement on Monday that: "On 27 May 2024 at 03:45, an AKSUNGUR-type UCAV (Armed Combat Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) of the Turkish state was shot down by our guerrilla forces in the skies of Qandil."

Following this statement by the HPG, Gerîla TV published the footage of the downed AKSUNGUR UCAV. The video was recorded by 3 different cameras at the moment of the UCAV being shot down.

The footage, taken by 3 different cameras at the moment of  shooting, shows the UCAV first losing its balance and falling and then crashing to the ground.