Invaders clash over Afrin’s olive groves

The invading Turkish state allied gangs clash among each other when they can’t agree on how to allocate the olive harvest. Meanwhile, civilians are being abducted for ransom.

Gangs allied to the invading Turkish army continue to clash for the goods they robbed the civilians in Afrin for. Gangs also continue to hold civilians for ransom.

Most of the olives, the main livelihood for Afrin’s residents, have been confiscated by the invading Turkish army and their allied gangs. According to information from local sources, invaders have confiscated 90% of the produce and left the growers with just the 10%.

Afrin Canton Agriculture Committee Co-chair Selah Ibo spoke about the matter and said the invaders have confiscated olives worth a total of 100 million dollars.

Local sources also say the invaders are clashing among themselves because they can’t agree on the allocation of the confiscated olives.

Meanwhile sources from Afrin reported clashes between the Ahrar Al-Sharqiyya gangs and the gangs’ military police because they couldn’t agree on who would get a house near the Afrin Cultural Center.


Eye witnesses said the Ahrar Al-Sharqiyya gangs were violent against two young men in the Al-Wilat street in the city center after the incident and several young men were abducted.

Another source said the invaders abducted a civilian named Ehmed Arif from the Kurzêlê village of the Sherawa district and asked his family for 4 million Syrian Liras in ransom.

Yet another source said a gang member named Ebu El-Iz was seen torturing civilians near the Newroz Square in Afrin city center.