KCK congratulates the guerrillas on new tactical offensive

The KCK congratulated the Kurdish guerrillas on their new tactics and technique of war against the Turkish army.

The Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) Executive Council Co-presidency has congratulated the guerrilla organizations HPG and YJA-Star on their recent series of actions against the military targets of the Turkish state.

In a written statement, the KCK pointed out that the guerrilla actions were carried out with drone support: "Dozens of soldiers were killed and injured in these actions. For this effective response to the extermination attacks of the Turkish state, in which it uses all the means at its disposal, we congratulate the commander and fighters of the HPG and the YJA-Star."

Reality is intended to be kept secret

The KCK statement further said that: "The Turkish state has been exerting intense pressure on the Kurdish people and the democratic forces for over three years. The attacks and arrests are intended to weaken the struggle of the people by using means of psychological warfare. An important dimension of psychological warfare is the concealment of guerilla actions and casualties suffered by the military and police forces. On the other hand, the losses of the guerrilla are greatly exaggerated in order to undermine the morale of the people. All television channels, media outlets and radio stations are kept under control. It is reported only what the special war headquarters instructs. At the command of this center, programs are made to manipulate the public. These reports give the impression that the guerrillas are weakened and the Turkish state is stronger."

A new technique

KCK said that the Turkish state has not disclosed that the Kurdish guerrilla have launched a new tactical offensive with the use of drones, or hid the casualties suffered by the Turkish army.

The action carried out by the guerrilla against Bêsosin (Ortaklar) military base in Şemdinli with aircraft was described as an accident. Since it was a major action, it could not be hidden, but it was reported that a munitions depot had exploded. The press center of the HPG, however, announced that the guerrillas have launched a new war offensive. This has once again shown that the Turkish state is covering up the facts.”

The guerrilla of the 21st century

In conclusion, the KCK statement said: "It is a historical fact that the guerrillas are developing their own technique and tactics against the enemy's tactics and technique. The HPG will expand the guerrilla struggle of the 21st century, frustrate the attacks of the dominant forces, and as always ensure the success of the guerrillas. With this in mind, we congratulate HPG and YJA-Star on their new tactical offensive and wish them success in their further struggle."