YRK reports increasing attacks by the Turkish state

The YRK is reporting an increase in the attacks of the Turkish army on their positions and areas under their control in Southern Kurdistan.

The Defense Units of Eastern Kurdistan (Yekîneyên Parastina Rojhilata Kurdistan, YRK) released a statement on the increasingly ongoing attacks by the Turkish army on their positions in Southern Kurdistan (Northern Iraq).

Fighters of the Party for a Free Life in Kurdistan (Partiya Jiyana Azad a Kurdistanê, PJAK) have also been targeted in cross-border attacks by Turkey, the statement said.

YRK announced that the Turkish state has carried out a wave of attacks with unmanned aerial vehicles and fighter jets against the villages in the subdistrict of Mawata in Sharbajar region on the 4th and 7th of August.

According to the statement, the aerial attack of 7 August targeted a guerrilla unit in the Balose area near Sharbajar region. Seven guerrillas and two young people from Southern Kurdistan were martyred in this attack.

The statement pointed out that the Turkish state has been targeting the positions of YRK and PJAK (Party for a Free Life in Kurdistan) guerrillas for some time, noting that these attacks are aimed at sabotaging their work and struggle in Eastern Kurdistan.

Remarking that these attacks seek to destroy the achievements of the Kurds in all four parts of Kurdistan, the YRK Command denounced that local collaborators played a role in the massacre in Balose. YRK called on the patriotic people of Kurdistan and relevant authorities to take a stand against the attacks and to counter the henchmen of the fascist Turkish state.

YRK vowed that they will not remain silent on these attacks and the existence of the spies and will not leave them unanswered.