68-year-old prisoner released after a stroke in intensive care for 39 days

Cemal Tanhan, who was only released from Bolu F Type Closed Prison after suffering a stroke, has been in intensive care for 39 days, struggling to survive.

68-year-old Cemal Tanhan, a seriously ill prisoner of 30 years, suffered a stroke in Bolu F Type Closed Prison on October 23.

Tanhan was first transferred to Bolu İzzet Baysal State Hospital and then to Eskişehir City Hospital's General Surgery Department on October 27. He was released on November 6.

Tanhan's treatment in the intensive care unit has been continuing for 39 days. Cemal Tanhan has stage 4 cancer and the disease has spread throughout his body.

While Tanhan lost his ability to speak during his treatment, he also developed pneumonia and blisters in his lungs.

His daughter Ayşe Tanhan said the following after meeting with her father's doctor about his health on November 27: "His doctor said, 'We drained the water from his lungs. We will change the medication he is taking. If the treatment goes well, we will try to wake him up. In this way, we may be able to transfer him.’ But my father has been receiving treatment for a long time. His condition is getting worse every day. Because he was in prison, his treatment started late. If he had been outside and treated earlier, maybe he would not have ended up like this."