75-year-old woman falls ill in prison three days after being arrested

75-year-old Hatice Yıldız, who was taken into custody on a stretcher, fell ill in the prison where she was kept in isolation.

75-year-old Hatice Yıldız, who was sentenced to 4 years and 2 months in prison for depositing money to her daughter and her cellmate in prison and was taken out of her home on a stretcher and arrested, fell ill in prison on Monday.

Her lawyer, Xebat Demircan, said that Yıldız had been staying in a single cell since Friday and added: "My client was not well. She cannot walk on her own. She was brought and taken away accompanied by officers. During the visit, she fell ill and fainted. The medical teams were there and intervened. My client has not been able to eat properly for two days due to health problems. Her son's request for a meeting was also rejected."