80 more people from Euphrates Shield join the SDF

80 more people from the gang groups gathered under the name Euphrates Shield have sought refuge with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) along with their families.

Dozens of people part ways with the gang groups in Euphrates Shield backed by the invading Turkish state and turn towards areas under Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) control.

In the past week, 80 people who had joined the Euphrates Shield gang groups before Deir ez-Zor sought refuge with the SDF fighters along with their families. The Euphrates Shield defectors say they joined Euphrates Shield to fight ISIS, but they have been deceived.

These people said Turkey made them many promises, and added that the only goal Turkey has is to achieve their invasion target through these groups.

Euphrates Shield defectors stated that they left upon getting to know these facts and the invading Turkish state.

The 80 people who sought refuge with the SDF have decided to join the Manbij Military Council and the SDF.

250 people had left the gang groups and joined the SDF before.