Ören: My mother can't survive in prison

Reyhan Ören, daughter of 76-year-old seriously ill prisoner Hanife Arslan, said that it was impossible for her mother to live in prison.

76-year-old seriously ill prisoner Hanife Arslan was taken to Van Yüzüncü Yıl University Dursun Odabaş Hospital twice in the first week of January. Arslan, who needed to be treated under the supervision of a doctor and in the hospital, was examined and taken to prison again.

Arslan was first arrested in 2017. She was released after being detained for 9 months. The court sentenced her to 6 years and 3 months in prison for "being a member of an illegal organization". The woman was arrested again in 2022 after the sentence was approved, and has been in prison for more than 21 months.

Hanife Aslan is very ill

Hanife Arslan has suffered from diabetes for 40 years. In addition, she suffers from hypertension and has abscesses on her body. She is unable to walk due to her illnesses and is taken in and out of the hospital and then back to prison without treatment.

Call to release Aslan

Arslan's daughter, Reyhan Ören, said that their only wish was to see her mother getting out of prison and get treated properly at home. Ören said: "It is very difficult for her to live in prison at her age and due to her serious illnesses. We want to get my mother out of prison alive. We want to treat and take care of our mother at home. It is impossible for her to live in prison. She is in a very bad state psychologically because she is very ill."