Amnesty International says at least 14 people at risk of execution in Rojhilat and Iran

Amnesty International stated that at least 14 people are at risk of execution in Rojhilatê Kurdistan and Iran, and that at least 10 of them were forced to confess by torture by Iranian state forces.

Amnesty International said that 14 people detained in different cities in Rojhilatê Kurdistan and Iran are at risk of execution.

Amnesty added that 14 people were arrested as a result of unfair accusations, and said that the Iranian state violated the rights of the prisoners with an "unfair trial".

At least 10 of the 14 people at risk of execution were forced to confess by Iranian state forces.

According to Amnesty International “Cewad Rohi, Ibrahim Naruyi, Kamiz Xirut, Mecid Kazimi, Menuçehir Meman Newaz, Mensur Dêmerde, Mehdi Behman, Muhammed Brûxenî, Muhammed Ferid, Muhammed Qubadlu, Salih Mir Hashemi, Said Yaqubi, Shuayip, Mir Baluc Zehi Rigi are at risk of execution.”

Amnesty requested the Chief Justice of Iran, Xulam Hussein Muhsini, to annul the death sentences of the protesters detained in Rojhilatê Kurdistan and Iran.

Last month, Iran's Human Rights Organization said in its report that 109 activists faced the death penalty.