Havahan Ataman looking for her daughter for 5 years

Havahan Ataman has not received the remains of her daughter who lost her life in Besta for 5 years.

Havahan Ataman (68) lives in Beytüşşebap, in the province of Şırnak. She has been trying to get her daughter's remains for 5 years. Elif Ataman joined the PKK in 2013 and lost her life in clashes in the Nokta Xezale region of Besta in 2017. Her mother has tried since to retrieve her remains and said that she died "fighting for an honourable life".

Ataman reacted to the attacks carried out on South Kurdistan by Turkey with the help of the KDP.

Five years trying to retrieve her daughter’s remains

Ataman said that the family migrated from Beytüşşebap to Izmir where their daughter Elif was born in 1985. They later returned to their hometown. Ataman added that her daughter Elif was still in high school when she took her place in the freedom struggle by participating in youth activities after returning to Şırnak. Elif then continued her studies in Diyarbakır, at Dicle University, Faculty of Communication.

Elif Ataman was detained in 2009 while distributing leaflets in Silopi district and joined the PKK due to the increasing pressure on her. Elif lost her life during clashes in Besta, in Nokta Xezale region in 2017. Ataman said that she does not know where her daughter's remains are, but she has been looking for them for the past 5 years.

Ataman said: “We gave a blood sample to be able to identify my daughter’s remains. I would feel better if I had a grave to go to."

Expressing that the main reason for the deaths experienced today is Turkey's attacks on South Kurdistan and the KDP collaboration, which allowed these attacks, Ataman said: "If the Kurds join hands, no one can crash them. Our children are protecting Barzani's lands today, but he is betraying our children. He betrays his own land."