HPG publishes balance sheet of war for February

HPG published the balance sheet of war for the month of February. Accordingly, 41 Turkish soldiers were killed and large quantities of military equipment were confiscated by the guerrillas.

The Press Office of the People's Defense Forces (HPG) released the balance sheet of war for the month of February, when the guerrillas took efficient and effective action against the Turkish occupying forces despite the winter conditions and the heavy snow.

The HPG statement released on Friday said the following:

The epic resistance of the HPG, the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla with the Apoist sacrificial spirit continued unabated in February. The past month, which included February 15, the day of the International Conspiracy and the "Black Day" for the Kurdish people, was a month in which the struggle against the conspiracy increased. The Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla also welcomed February as a month of deepening its great devotion to Rêber Apo (Leader Abdullah Öcalan), absorbing the Apoist ideology into its whole self, and becoming competent in the Apoist style, tempo and style that creates absolute success everywhere and under all circumstances. The self-criticism of inadequate comradeship in the face of our leader was based on mastering guerrillaism for victory and revealing great success in practice. On this basis, with a deep self-critical attitude, great faith, determination, anger against the conspiracy and awareness of the duties of the time, the guerrilla tried to embrace its responsibilities in harsh winter conditions.

The guerrilla added a new one in February to the revolutionary operations it developed in the last period. Step by step, it deepened in style, mastered tactics, exhibited its creativity with the inspiration it received from Apoist ideology and put forth a high performance. The guerrilla, marching on the enemy with the doctrine of revolutionary warfare, democratic modernity guerrilla formation and Apoist sacrificial spirit, which has proven its righteousness, has become an unstoppable force by defeating and conquering enemy targets. This level reached by the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla has once again demonstrated that the genocidal politics of the colonialist genocidal Turkish state and the fascist AKP-MHP regime cannot achieve results, and has further increased our people's hope for freedom and belief in victory.

In February, 17 guerrilla actions were carried out with successful revolutionary operations. In these revolutionary operations and actions, 41 invaders were punished, including 1 at the rank of captain, and 3 invaders were wounded. In the February struggle, our comrade Şervan Varto fell as a martyr. While the Turkish special war media tried to hide the great defeat of the invading Turkish army, it served false news about guerrilla losses almost every day. However, there were no guerrilla casualties in February, except for our comrade Şervan Varto. The revolutionary march of our comrade Şervan Varto, who had great courage, sacrificial spirit and high Apoist militancy qualities, will be taken as an example, his precious memory will be kept alive and his goals will surely be achieved. We reiterate once again our promise to all our martyrs in the person of our comrade Şervan."

The balance sheet of war for the month of February is as follows:

Attacks by the Turkish army

Attacks by fighter jets: 211

Attacks by helicopters: 5

Attacks by unconventional explosives: 1

Attacks by explosive-laden drones: 10

Actions by the guerrillas

Guerrilla actions: 18

Enemy casualties

Enemy forces killed: 41, including 1 captain

Enemy forces injured: 3

Destroyed material:

Ammunition depot: 1

Observation post: 1

Containers: 7

Emplacements: 15

Radar installations: 3

Surveillance cameras: 10

Thermal surveillance cameras: 2

Tactical telecommunications equipment: 1

A4 weapons: 2

Chain grenade launcher: 1

Damaged material:

Excavator: 4

Confiscated weapons and material:

KNT-76 sniper rifle: 1

BKC medium machine gun: 5

BKC barrel: 1

BKC bullet: 300

B7 rocket launcher: 2

Drum grenade launcher: 3

Single grenade launcher: 1

MPT-55 infantry rifle: 8

MPT-55 magazines: 8

Pump rifle: 2

Pistol: 1

Thermal binoculars: 8

Night vision binoculars: 4

Binoculars: 1

Riflescope: 11

Laser pointers: 2

Large communication equipment: 1

Battery for large communication equipment: 1

Helmet: 2

Radio: 4

Signal flare: 3

Sensor: 2

Photo trap: 3

Hand grenades: 2

Solar panel: 2

Surveillance camera: 2

Power bank: 7

Battery: 1

Telescope: 1

Backpack: 1

Phone: 3