IHD calls for immediate release of ill prisoner Kaya

The Freedom for Ill Prisoners Initiative drew attention to the fact that seriously ill Sabri Kaya is in a serious condition and should be released immediately.

The Freedom for Ill Prisoners Initiative held a press conference at the Human Rights Association (IHD) Ankara Branch.

In a statement made by Nuray Çevirmen, member of the IHD Central Executive Committee,  underlined the situation of seriously ill prisoner Sabri Kaya, who is in Osmaniye T Type 2 Closed Prison.

Çevirmen said that Kaya, who has been held in different prisons since 2010, was diagnosed with heart failure in Sincan F Type Prison where he was sent in 2013.

Underlining that Kaya's disease is progressing, Çevirmen added that Kaya also started to develop diabetes, blood pressure, gastritis and ulcer diseases.

Çevirmen demanded the immediate release of Kaya and added: "He fell very ill and was taken to the Osmaniye State Hospital where he was sent to intensive care. He was diagnosed with bleeding in the stomach, esophagus and intestines. He is not only able to take any food."