Ilham Ehmed calls on the international community to “act responsibly towards the Kurds”

Ilham Ehmed urged the international community to end the genocidal policies against the Kurds.

This year’s Newroz has been celebrated with the motto “Dem Dema Azadiye” (Time for Freedom) by millions of people all over the world, especially in Kurdistan, with an emphasis on freedom, resistance and struggle.

Commenting on Newroz in a video message addressed at the Newroz reception held in England, the Co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) Executive Board, Ilham Ehmed, said that the peoples of the Middle East celebrated Newroz to mark their victory against cruel tyrant Dehaq under the leadership of Kawa the Blacksmith. She stated: “March 21 is a turning point both mythologically and geographically. As its name suggests, Newroz expresses the excitement of a new day for the Kurds and the peoples of the Middle East. The invaders systematically attempted to ban Newroz for the Kurds after nation states were established and Kurdistan was disintegrated. Even making bonfires was forbidden for a long time. The current bans on the culture, language and life of the Kurdish people in Turkey, Iran and Syria should be lifted immediately. On the new day of 2023, namely Newroz, a new policy, a new vision and a new approach must be introduced to promote the just cause of the Kurdish people.”

Ehmed insisted that the Treaty of Lausanne should be reconsidered, especially in its centennial year. She continued: “In fact, the more diversity there is, the more beautiful life becomes, because life itself is diverse. Humanity could be destroyed under a regime where monism is imposed. In this context, the more peoples and cultures coexist, the more diversity and beauty emerge in the cradle of humanity. This is a natural right of peoples, and its promotion is essential. We, the Kurds of Syria, namely the Kurds of Rojava, have experienced genocide and destruction policies, insults and sufferings at the hands of the Baath regime for years. These must be brought to an end. Contrary to previous times, hundreds of thousands of Kurds rally together in free areas, celebrating this holy day and delivering their political and cultural messages. For us, this is very important.”

Ehmed stressed that the international powers should responsibly protect the Kurdish people, who play a leading role in the protection of humanity and civilization, in order to end the genocidal policies against them. She added: “Millions of Arabs, Kurds, Turkmen, Armenians and Assyrians come together in a friendly and brotherly manner. We have been able to resuscitate this forgotten beauty in a few years. Now, it is our duty to turn this meaningful day into a day of peace, brotherhood and equality all over the world. This is our wish. And we hope that this new year will be the year when a political solution will be introduced to ease all the suffering of the peoples of Rojava and Syria. We also hope that a ground for peace will be established, and women's freedom will be further developed.”

Ehmed said that women are the ones who celebrate Newroz most enthusiastically and noted that women can imagine themselves, their will and existence in the meaning of Newroz.