Ill prisoner Yamaç not taken to hospital

Mehmet Yamaç, is a political prisoner affected by COPD. He conveyed to his family that he had difficulty breathing but his request to be taken to hospital was no answered so far.

Mehmet Yamaç, a seriously ill prisoner held in Kayseri Bünyan No 2 T Type Closed Prison, told his brother Kemal Yamaç that he had difficulty breathing and was not hospitalized for treatment.

Yamaç is on the ill prisoners list of the Human Rights Association (IHD), said that his friends who were kept in the same ward frequently coughed and were diagnosed with pneumonia. He said he clearly caught the infection and now was experiencing difficulty in breathing. He was taken to the infirmary, but his request for hospitalization was not answered.

Yamaç’s brother, Kemal, said that Mehmet had to keep the phone call short due to his situation.