In a prison cell at the age of three

Dilgeş is only three years old. He has been in prison with his mother for almost two weeks. He suffers from kidney disease and cannot eat the prison food. Because there is no hot water, he cannot have a bath.

Three and a half years old Dilgeş has been in the women's prison in Amed (Diyarbakir) since 24 May. His mother, Gönül Aslan, is one of the twelve people arrested as suspected members of a terrorist organization in connection with the investigation against the Rosa women's association in the city.

A delegation of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) visited Gönül Aslan and her son in prison on 29 May. According to the HDP group, those arrested were divided into groups of four and taken to a 14-day corona quarantine.

Rêzan Aslan, the father of Dilgeş, lives as a political refugee in Germany and has commented on the situation of his son on Dengê Welat radio station. According to him, Dilgeş cannot be bathed because there is no hot water. He gets the same meals as the adults, but he cannot eat most of them because of his kidney disease.

Rêzan Aslan told that his son has had two operations, and the disease is chronic. "The fact that my three-year-old child is being held in a cell is causing me and my family a lot of trouble. I am a refugee and cannot make contact. I can only get information from the lawyer and other family members", he said.