Lawyer Şaradı says Didem Akman's condition worsening

Lawyer Seda Şaradı visited her client Didem Akman in hospital. Akman has been on death fast for 203 days demanding to be transferred to Sincan Prison. Her condition is getting worse.

Political prisoner Didem Akman has been on death fast for 203 days demanding to be transferred from Şakran Women's Closed Prison to Sincan Prison. Lawyer Seda Şaradı visited Akman at Izmir Yesilyurt State Hospital, where her client is being forcibly detained since September 3. After the visit lawyer Şaradı told ANF that Akman has difficulty in speaking as the wounds on her mouth increased, and stated that she had hearing and vision problems and had difficulty standing.

The lawyer said that her client's request for a companion was not accepted in the first place, and added that her mother could only enter after three days.

Akman was handed out an aggravated life sentence and her demand, said the lawyer, is a very simple and affordable one. Akman has been in prison since 2008. She was deported from Sincan in 2016 to Şakran Women's Closed Prison. She has been held in a cell used for disciplinary penalties for the past years. Şaradı said that according to the law, a prisoner or convict can only be kept in such cells for 20 days.

When Akman submitted a petition and requested to be transferred back to the Sincan Prison, her request was rejected on the ground that "she had disciplinary punishment." As her petition was not processed by the prison administration, she went on a death fast.

Şaradı underlined that what her client is asking is the respect of her rights. “She is demanding something which is stated in the law.”