Mehmet Öcalan: We must rise up against the isolation

Mehmet Öcalan asks that the isolation imposed upon his brother Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan be rejected and people take action, warning that “tomorrow may be too late”.

Speaking about the conditions of isolation imposed upon Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan, his brother Mehmet Öcalan stressed that they haven’t received any responses to their appeals to date but none of the excuses cited have been reflecting the truth.

According to Mesopotamia Agency's article, Öcalan stressed that a system surpassing even the isolation conditions has been implemented in Imrali and said: “I struggle to find words to describe this practice. This is unacceptable, all the peoples of the Middle East and Turkey, and the Kurdish people, need to take action.”


Mehmet Öcalan stressed that they want to exercise their democratic right and that they are concerned about Abdullah Öcalan’s health: “If the hegemon powers have any wish to resolve this problem, channels of communication with Öcalan must be opened at once. Öcalan is the only person who can solve the problem. Conditions must be improved so Öcalan can fulfill his role.”


Öcalan said Kurds have their eyes, ears and hearts fixed on Imrali and warned: “The Kurdish people must rise up at once. If this is not done today, tomorrow may be too late. Personally, I am prepared to pay whatever price is necessary. Nobody should be wary of the price they have to pay, and the people must fight non-stop until the Imrali isolation is broken.”