Mustafa Koçak dies after 297 days on death fast

Mustafa Koçak, who has been on death fast for 297 days demanding a "fair trial" in Şakran No 2 T Type Closed Prison, has lost his life.

Mustafa Koçak has been on death fast for 297 days, demanding a "fair trial" in Şakran No. 2 T Type Closed Prison. Public law office announced that Mustafa Koçak passed away.

The young man was sentenced to aggravated life imprisonment on the base of a secret witness statement.

People's Law Office (Halkın Hukuk Bürosu) said: "Our client, Mustafa Kocak, fell martyr on the 297th day of his death fast resistance. Demanding the right to a fair trial, Mustafa walked to immortality through his resistance. You should know this: the state murdered Mustafa for not listening to a witness in court. We bow with respect in front of his memory."

Koçak's older sister Ayşe Koçak made a statement about her phone conversation with her brother on her social media account.

Koçak stated: "Unfortunately, the phone call we made with Koçak was not completed. My brother said on the phone that he could no longer breathe and speak. You know we were allowed to hear 10 minutes of voice two days a week. We can no longer hear that either.

We are calling the prison because we are his family, but they say they will not inform us nor the lawyers. Mustafa is our brother, our family. We will not leave him to you. You want him to die quietly there. I ask the Ministry of Justice. Are you waiting for Mustafa to die? Why are you not finalizing the file. Isn't your job justice? Who do you serve? When you need to serve justice, law and humanity, just pull your dirty hands over my brother, my family and people. Stop judging people innocently and listen to Mustafa's voice."