Political prisoner leaves jail after 30 years

Kemal Zengin was released from Şakran Prison after spending 30 years in jail.

Kemal Zengin, a political prisoner held in Izmir Şakran T Type Closed Prison, was released after spending 30 years in jail. Zengin was welcomed in front of the prison by his family and members of the Aegean Association for Assistance with Families of Detainees and Convicts (EGE-TUHAYDER).

Zengin was arrested as a result of a tip-off in the Ceylanpınar district of Urfaa in 1994. As a result of the trial conducted by a State Security Court (DGM), Zengin was sentenced to life imprisonment on the grounds that he was a "member of a terrorist organization". Zengin, who went to prison at the age of 20, was released at the age of 50.

'All political prisoners must be released'

Zengin said: "While my release makes me happy on one side, it makes me sad on the other. This sadness is because of the friends we left behind. Many of our friends are seriously ill prisoners and are not released. We also have friends who completed their sentences but continue to be kept in jail. That's why my release gave me mixed feelings. It is very difficult to be released with these feelings. We would like all political prisoners to be released at the same time. That's why one side of us is sad, and the other side is happy."