Political prisoner Mehmet Yildirim attacked by guards

Mehmet Yildirim, a political prisoner held in Type F Number 2 prison in Tekirdag was beaten by Turkish prison guards.

The Type F Number 2 prison in the western province of Tekirdag is once again on the topics with attacks on political prisoners. Reportedly on January 15, the Turkish guards have tortured a political prisoner named Mehmet Yildirim.

According to the reports, while Mehmet Yildirim was monitored through an X-Ray machine on the way to the court, he was beaten for greeting one of his fellow inmates. After Yildirim’s reaction to the beating, more guardians started to torture him. The guards pulled him on the ground and continually battered him.

Against the assault by the guards, Yildirim and his friends chanted ‘Human dignity will overcome torture.’

Yildirim’s body was bruised and swollen due to the attack, yet he was not taken to a hospital, and he was prevented from reporting torture by the Turkish guards.

After the incident, along with Yildirim, almost 50 prisoners filed a criminal complaint to the prosecutor's office.