Preliminary autopsy report on Abdurrazak Suyur qualifies death as 'suspicious'

Abdurrazak Suyur, a seriously ill prisoner in Aliağa Şakran T Type Prison No. 2, died on Tuesday. It has been learned that he was in intensive care for 10 days. His death has been recorded as suspicious in the preliminary autopsy.

Seriously ill prisoner Abdurrazak Suyur, who died in İzmir Aliağa T Type Prison No. 2 on Tuesday, was hospitalized 10 days ago and kept in intensive care. However, his family was not informed of this.

The family of Suyur had called the prison when they did not get the usual weekly phone call, but the prison authorities did not respond.

The family eventually went to the prison on Tuesday, but again was not informed that Suyur had been hospitalized. Indeed, they were told thay they could not see him without any further explanation.

About one hour after this meeting, it was reported that Suyur passed away in Yeşilyurt State Hospital.