Prisoner Arslan held in solitary cell in Buca Kırıklar No. 2 F Type jail

Abdurrahman Aziz Arslan, who is being held in Buca Kırıklar No. 2 F Type Prison, is arbitrarily held in a solitary cell. The petitions he submitted to move to the 3-person ward were not processed.

Izmir Buca Kırıklar No. 2 F Type Prison has been on the agenda for rights violations. Prisoners there are subjected to arbitrary practices. The detainees went on hunger strike for 63 days to protest the abuses. They called off the protest after being promised that their demands would be accepted. However, the pressure in the prison continued to increase.

Abdurrahman Aziz Arslan, who was transferred from Burhaniye Prison to Kırıklar No. 2 F Type Prison in April, is arbitrarily held in a single-person cell. Arrested in 2016 on the basis of the statements given by a secret witness and digital evidence, and sentenced to 12 years in prison for "membership in a terrorist organization", Aslan was sent to Silivri, Bandırma and Burhaniye prisons before being sent to Kırıklar Prison.

Petitions not answered

Arslan has been denied magazines and books as well as medication. He was not brought to the infirmary when he needed to, and he was subjected to physical torture. When he talked to his family in Cizre on 13 June, he was punished and sent to 3 days in a room with sponges after having spent a week there. His petition to be moved to a 3-person ward was not processed.

Arslan’s brother Üveys Arslan said that what was done to his brother was inhumane and added: “We will file a criminal complaint against the prison director. My brother is arbitrarily held in a solitary cell. He was transferred to Izmir and kept miles away from us for years. We will write a petition to the Prison Prosecutor to inquire about the outcome of the petitions he submitted.”