Prisoner Er's release postponed for the 3rd time for rejecting the imposition of 'remorse'

Every day new ones are added to the rights violations, oppression and arbitrary practices of the Turkish state against political prisoners.

The release of Adem Er, who is being held in Patnos L Type Closed Prison, was postponed for the 3rd time, although he has served his sentence and fulfilled the conditions for conditional release.

Er's release, which was postponed 2 times before because he said "I have no regrets" when he was asked if he did, was postponed for the 3rd time for a period of 3 months for the same reason.

Father Şirin Er said, "This is persecution. The prison is replacing itself as a court and imposing new sentences. Public opinion should be sensitive about this issue."

Political prisoners in Turkey are denied their right to be released by the 'Administrative Observation Board', which came into force in 2020. With the amendment made in March 2020, prison administrations were given wide powers. With this authority, it was ensured that releases were postponed based on completely arbitrary statements against the persons who had completed their sentence. This method is especially used against prisoners of 30 years. The releases of prisoners are postponed by making abstract statements, which are not permitted in the Turkish Constitution and any of the laws, the subject of accusation.