Prisoner Kaya brought back to jail despite suffering from stroke

Sabri Kaya, who was treated at Osmaniye State Hospital for 10 days as a result of a heart attack and brain hemorrhage, has been brought back to prison.

Sabri Kaya, who had been brought to Osmaniye State Hospital following a stroke and brain hemorrhage he suffered on 25 March while in Osmaniye T Type Closed Prison No. 2, was brought back to prison.

Kaya has been held in the infirmary of Osmaniye T Type Closed Prison since Thursday.

Kaya's daughter, Dilan, said that her father was brought back to prison on Thursday. She added that she had been able to talk to her father on the phone and that his voice was very weak. 

Kaya's lawyer, Şiar Rişvanoğlu, applied to the Osmaniye Execution Judge demanding the postponement of execution.