Prisoner kept handcuffed in intensive care

68-year-old Yusuf Arslan is being held in Batman T Type Prison. He was kept handcuffed in intensive care while being treated for a brain haemorrhage.

Prisoner Yusuf Arslan (68) is held in Batman T Type Closed Prison. He suffered a brain haemorrhage and was taken to the Training and Research Hospital.

Arslan, who was arrested in Mardin 5 years ago on the charge of "membership in an illegal organization", was sent to Batman 7 months ago.

The family, who came to the prison for a visit on Monday, was denied the visit by the prison administration. Zeynep Arslan, said that the prison administration did not inform them about the fact that her husband had been transferred to hospital. “We went to the hospital. We asked the nurses there about my husband. They told us that he was in intensive care. They informed us that he had a brain haemorrhage."

Noting that her husband was kept in intensive care in handcuffs, Arslan called for public awareness.