Prisoners on hunger strike in Kırıklar jail quickly losing weight, say lawyers

The hunger strike carried out by seriously ill prisoners against torture in Kırıklar Prison continues on its 21st day. Lawyers from ÖHD said that the prisoners are quickly losing weight.

The indefinite non-alternating hunger strike started by writers Zeki Bayhan, Ramazan Çelik and Yücel Kızmaz, who are seriously ill, against the torture carried out in Kırıklar No. 2 F Type Prison, continues. On 5 September, Ibrahim Tikan, Behram Sağdiki and Mehmet Faruk Ayaz also joined the hunger strike.

Lawyers from the Association of Lawyers for Freedom (ÖHD) said that during their visit to the prison on Saturday, prisoners Halis Dağhan, Remzi Özhan and Hakkı Turgay also went on hunger strike.

Prisoners losing weight

The ÖHD lawyers said that their clients confirmed that the prison director did not accept their demands. The lawyers said that the prisoners are losing weight, and added that Zeki Bayhan lost 10 kilos, Ibrahim Tikan 6 and Ramazan Çerik 6. The prisoners have been on hunger strike since 29 August and a lawyer said that the prisoners could not meet their needs due to their serious illnesses.

Prisoners' demands

The demands put forward by the ill prisoners on hunger strike are as follows: “Ill prisoners should not be kept in the same cell, the upper part of the ventilation should be closed with wires, and the restrictions on sports and social activities should be ended.”