Prisoners in Erzurum E Type Closed Prison denounce torture

Some prisoners in Erzurum E Type Closed Prison reported that they were tortured after being exposed to violence during open visits.

Prisoners in Erzurum E Type Closed Prison said they were subjected to violence by the guards during the open visit held on 27 September.

Nazlı Oran said that she witnessed what happened when she went to visit her imprisoned brother Selçuk Oran.

Nazlı Oran told that the guards harassed the families during the visit and that a prisoner named Mehmet, who reacted to this situation, was exposed to violence in the presence of his family.

Pointing out that after the guards battered the prisoner, they wanted to take him back to the ward by force, and that he was also exposed to violence during this time, Oran said that families protested the attack by banging on the tables.

Oran said that her brother, who called them after this attack, said that the prisoners were tortured. "My brother said that after we left violence continued. They were tortured and taken to separate wards. The guards also threatened prisoners with deportation to other jails."

Oran said that the ward, which houses 27 prisoners including her brother, was raided by more than a hundred guards and the prisoners were attacked.