Prisoners tortured and put in isolation

The prisoners deported from Tarsus T Type Closed Prison to Aksaray T Type Closed Prison were tortured and put in solitary confinement.

Eleven prisoners in Tarsus T Type Closed Prison were deported to Aksaray T Type Closed Prison on 28 February. It was stated that the prisoners were beaten during the transfer and in the prison. They reported broken bones. 

On 6 March, Bişar Bilen, one of the beaten prisoners, talked about the rights violations they faced in prison with his brother Ali Bilen.

Bilen stated that his brother had been subjected to beating, insult and torture throughout the transfer from one prison to another. The prisoners were beaten when they refused to stand for count twice. "As a result of the assault, - said Bilen's brother - my brother and many of his friends had fractures in various parts of their bodies. My brother's hand and arm were broken. They were not taken to the infirmary. All were put in solitary confinement. He has lost communication with his friends. He knows nothing about his friends."